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OVW TV Report for December 6, 2008

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OVW TV Report for December 6, 2008


- Show open...


- Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin are at the desk informing the viewers that over the next few weeks we will see the Thanksgiving Thunder tag team tournament to determine the number one contenders for the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship in it's entirety over the next few weeks. This week we will see the opening round.


Opening Round Match #1

- Theta Lambda Psi (El Maestro & Moose w/Reggie) vs. Eugene & OVW Heavyweight Champion Aaron "The Idol" Stevens

Hill and Bolin are joined by one-half of the Southern Tag Team Champions Dirty Money and his manager Josie. Theta Lambda Psi enters first. El Maestro is new FCW Developmental Talent Gavin Garrison under a mask. I have no idea why Idol and Dinsmore are teaming, particularly when Idol is the Heavyweight Champion, but whatever. Hill notes that both are former WWE Superstars. Bill Clark is the referee. Maestro and Idol start out. Idol takes control with some amateur wrestling moves. Idol goes for a quick pin that only gets a one count. Big shoulderblock by Idol sends Maestro to the mat and he makes a tag to Moose. Moose says he wants Eugene and Idol obliges. Moose works the headlock but Eugene whips Moose into the ropes. Eugene starts a criss-cross and dives out of the ring to chase after Reggie (who is looking pretty hot in her skirt, by the way). Moose attacks Eugene coming back into the ring. Tag brings Maestro back in. Maestro knocks Eugene down with a shoulderblock and goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Tag brings in Moose, who goes to work on Eugene's arm. Moose goes for a big elbow drop, but Eugene rolls out of the way. Eugene and Moose both make tags and Idol comes in on fire. He unloads on Maestro and Moose. Maestro takes a double stomp to the gut by Idol. Idol hits the ropes and drills him with a sweet sliding clothesline on the seated Maestro. Idol only gets 2, as moose breaks the pin. Moose tries to send Idol into the ropes, but Eugene catches him and bites his ass. Brilliant scientific wrestling there by Nick Dinsmore. Idol Stevens hits the Idolizer on Maestro and that's all she wrote. * Match went nowhere and resulted in a patched together team of singles wrestlers beating an established team.


- Interview with Totally Awesome (The Kamikaze Kid & Sucio). They say that Thanksgiving Thunder will be the night of the underdogs.


- Commercial break


Opening Round Match #2

- Totally Awesome vs. Los Rojos Uno & Shiloh

I don't know why Los Rojos Uno isn't teaming with Los Rojos Dos. Uno decides to take his chances in the tournament with a brand new partner, which seems to go against conventional wisdom. Apparently Sucio has gone from being an ambiguously gay wrestler to being a young high flyer. I guess he gets to switch between his DCW persona and his OVW persona as he pleases. Joe Wheeler is your referee. Shiloh and Kamikaze Kid will start. After lots of stalling by TKK, he tags in Sucio without ever locking up with Shiloh. Finally a lock up which is won by Shiloh. He doesn't take control long, as they trade hammerlocks. Pin attempt by Sucio gets 2. Rojos tags in and snapmares Sucio to the mat. He does the Macrena before dropping an elbow, but he danced too long and Sucio moved. TKK tags in and hits Rojos with a leg lariat. TKK slams Rojos down and tags in Sucio. Sucio slingshots himself in, dropping an elbow on Rojos. Rojos reverses an Irish whip and Shiloh nails Sucio with a knee in the back. Rojos makes the tag and Shiloh chops away at Sucio. Shiloh slams Sucio to the mat and works the chinlock. Sucio fails at his first attempt to fight out and almost gets out on a second attempt, but Shiloh hammers him back down and tags in Rojos. Rojos tries a splash from the second turnbuckle, but Sucio is able to roll out of the way. Shiloh tries coming into the ring, but Sucio pushes Rojos into his own partner. Here comes TKK in the ring. He sets up Rojos in a backbreaker position. Sucio into the ropes... nice double stomp! That will get the 3 count. * 1/2. Not much better than the opening match, but there were some decent offensive maneuvers.


-Commercial Break


Opening Round Match #3

- Rudy Switchblade & Johnny Punch vs. Sergio & Supergloves Dos

I've never seen Supergloves Uno, so don't even ask me to explain. Apparently Sergio needed someone to replace Chris Cage. Switchblade and Punch are pretty popular with the OVW crowd. Ruben Ramos is your referee. Supergloves and Rudy will start. Rudy pushes Supergolves into the ropes, but we get a clean break. Rudy and Supergloves trade hammerlocks and waistlocks. Supergloves gets a quick takedown, but Rudy was ready. Switchblade goes for the pin, but Supergloves is quick to kick out at one. Punch tags in and goes to work on the arm. Punch goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Supergloves makes a blind tag and Sergio goes to work, hammering away on Punch. Sergio locks in an abdominal stretch. Sergio wants Supergloves to help him get some additional leverage, but Supergloves refuses. Why did they patch together a heel and a face? Sergio didn't have the stretch lock in strong enough and Punch flips him over. Rudy tags in and hiptosses Sergio. Rudy takes down Sergio with a leg sweep and follows that up with a senton. Pin attempt only gets 2. Sergio gets the advantage and slams Rudy off the top rope. Sergio nails Johnny Punch to draw him into the ring. Sergio tries to convince Supergloves to illegally double team Rudy Switchblade while Ramos is distracted, but Supergloves will have no part of it. Punch tags in and whips Sergio from one corner to the other. Punch sets Sergio up for a reverse powerbomb and Rudy comes off the top rope with a splash. Beautiful double team maneuver. That's good enough for 3. ** It made no sense for Sergio to team up with Supergloves, but Switchblade and Punch made it watchable.


- Commercial Break


Opening Round Match #4

- Anthony Bravado & Pat "The" Buck vs. Apoc & Raul Locos

Buck is no longer part of The Insurgency. Bravado is no longer OVW Champion. No word on where Ramon Locos (Raul's usual partner) or Vaughan Lilas (Apoc's usual partner) are. Bill Clark is the referee and Raul and The Buck will start. Raul takes control with a wristlock, but Buck gets to the ropes to break the hold. Raul and Buck trade wristlocks. Apoc and Bravado tag in. Bravado tries to take control with his power, but Apoc is too quick. He send Bravado into the corner and follows in with a big elbow. Raul tags back in and drops a double ax handle on Bravado. Bravado is able to use his power against Raul and drop him with a shoulder block. The Buck tags in and hits Raul with some quick, stiff kicks. Bravado tags back in and headbutts Raul in the ribs. Big vertical suplex by Bravado. Arrogant pin only gets one. Bravado locks in a bearhug on Raul. Kenny Bolin is going to town with Mexican jokes on commentary. Big clap breaks the breahug and Raul is able to tag in Apoc. Apoc pushes away on Bravado. He sends him into the ropes and catches Bravado with a huge spinebuster. Raul tags back in. Irish whip and Bravado runs into a double flapjack. Buck comes in to even the odds. Apoc runs at Buck in the corner, but misses a flying knee and sails to the floor of the Davis Arena. Clark goes outside to check on Apoc. Raul hits Bravado with a flying forearm and goes for the pin, but Buck breaks it up before Clark can even get in position to count. Bravado rolls over and a nasty kick to Raul's head and gets the three count. *** Acceptable tag team wrestling. The matches are at least improving, though I don't get these makeshift teams.


- Commercial break


Opening Round Match #5

- Outlaw & Hog Wild vs. Al Barone & Los Rojos Dos

Again, more makeshift teams. Outlaw (OVW TV Champion) typically teams with Lightfoot as The War Party. We saw Los Rojos Uno earlier teaming with Shiloh. Hog Wild is a douche stuck in the 70's. Barone has been working with JD Michaels, so you would think they would team together. Rojos and Hog Wild will start out. Wild tries to get the crowd to do the "Hangin' Tough" (yes, THAT Hangin' Tough) chant to no avail. Rojos is able to get the crows on his side, but Wild attacks and pounds away on Rojos. Outlaw tags in. Outlaw tries an atomic drop, but Rojos quickly turns that into a cross body. Barone tags in and goes to work on Outlaw's arm. Outlaw tries a sunset flip, but can't get Barone over. Barone drags Outlaw, still fighting for the flip, and tags in Rojos. Outlaw doesn't see the tag and Rojos tries to pin the distracted Outlaw, but only gets 2. Hog Wild tags back in to work an armbar. Wild tries a pin, but only gets 2. Rojos is basically getting thrown around the ring by Hog Wild. Outlaw back in. Outlaw draws Barone in to distract referee Joe Wheeler so they can do some dastardly, illegal double team moves. Outlaw covers Rojos, but only gets 2. Hog Wild back in and he's doing the cabbage patch. Hog Wild proves that he is the dumbest wrestler ever by trying a splash after Rojos rolled out of the way before he even jumped. Rojos makes the tag to Barone and he decks Hog Wild. Outlaw isn't paying attention, so Barone walks over and decks him for good measure. Barone tags in Rojos, just so he can make the pin. DUD. Awful match.


-Interview with The Mobilehomers (Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler). Whoopee.


- Commercial Break


Opening Round Match #6

- The Mobilehomers w/ OVW Femme Fatale Champion Melody vs. "The Welsh Warrior" Matt Bond & Turcan Celik

At least one of these teams are a real team. Who knows where Ali Akbar and Bin Hamin are. Ray Ramsey is on referee duty. Turcan and Adam Revolver to start. Turcan celebrates winning a tie up by praising Allah. Turcan wins another tie up, but gets caught with a dropkick while praising Allah. McNaler tags in and doesn't keep the advantage for long. Bond tags in and works a headlock. McNaler quickly reverses and put on his own headlock. For some reason (not that anything tonight has made sense) Matt Bond has Vaughn on his tights. Knowing OVW production values, it could be a real possibility that the graphics people heard Bond out of Vaughn. Revolver tags in and takes Bond down with a bulldog. Turcan sneaks in a clips Revolver's knee while Ramsey escorts McNaler out of the ring. Turcan tags in and goes to work on Revolver's knee. Bond tags back in and works over the knee. Turcan is quickly back in and drops a leg across Revolver's knee. Bond back in and kicks away at the knee of Revolver. Revolver tries to fight back, but to no avail. Turcan tags in. Turcan tags in and tries to Irish whip Revolver across the ring, but his knee gives out. Turcan wastes a lot of time praising Allah and gets caught in a small package.... 1-2-3. The Mobilehomers move on. ** Nothing offensive, but Turcan not having his regular tag team partner hurt the match. There is plenty of back story between The Mobilehomers and The Insurgency. I don't know why they just couldn't have done that match. Turcan gets in an extra shot at Revolver's knee after the bell.


- Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin recap the first round for us. No explanation on how the tournament will fill out with just 6 teams. Again, no surprise since nothing has made sense tonight. I don't know what is going on with airing the tournament over 2 weeks instead of giving us new wrestling, but whatever. Next week we get the quarters, the semis and the finals which was held in a steel cage.

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