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MisawaGQ on Kobashi vs. Sasaki

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I finally saw it today. It was fairly entertaining, but a few things really kept it out of MOTYC range.


What wasn't good


The chop sequence wasn't put over very well, and it was way too long. It was a fine idea, it just wasn't executed well.


The no-selling was just terrible. No-selling an exploder is one thing, no-selling a northern lights bomb is something else.


What was good


Kobashi's actual selling is fantastic, and it always has been.


Both guys used great body language and facials to get over the fact that it was a battle of the two strongest wrestlers in the world. Use of a few showdown/macho spots was great.


Unlikes past "spectacle" matches, it was paced well. They didn't start firing off spots immediately, going back to build, firing of spots, etc.



I was disappointed with how it turned out, as the no-selling and chop sequence really took it down a notch. Even without those issues, it probably was only a ****1/4-****1/2 match anyway. As it stands, I'd call it a very good ***3/4.

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