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Williams & Gordy vs. The Steiners COTC 19

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This was part of the NWA Tag Title tournament that WCW held in 1992. Originally, only the first round matches were to be shown on this broadcast I believe, but they did an angle were Steve Williams and Terry Gordy (who were slated to face the winner) took out the Steiners' first round opponents. The reason being that Doc and Gordy wanted to get at the Steiners as soon as possible. So Bill Watts ended up announcing that the match that all the fans wanted to see, would take place tonight.


The early portions of the match were probably my favourite. Doc and Rick started out, and they really did a good job of getting over that it was a feeling out process, as it was a catious affair with neither man gaining any position. This continued with some great amateur style mat work from Doc and Scott this time. They really made the matwork seem realistic and natural, as opposed to the fake and contrived looking matwork of certain wrestlers today. All that came out of this opening segment was a standoff, which went to show how competitive and even this matchup was.


Things finally heated up once Doc gave Rick a hard slap on the break. Rick angrily tackled Doc and started pounding on him, and that broke the match out of the amateur matwork/feeling out process and into more of a typical prowrestling match. This sequence ended with Doc hitting an enormous clothesline on Rick, who took a nasty head bump off of it. One team was finally in firm command of the match.


A nice transition would follow, when Gordy attemped to use Rick's own belly to belly suplex, but Rick would have none of that. He was able to counter it with a belly to belly of his own and make the tag to Scott. Any advantage the Steiners had didn't last long though, as Doc and Gordy started going to work on Scott, including a light knee attack. I say light, because they didn't really go after it 100%, which is important because the knee came into play later on. This was one of the big problems with the match, as the early knee work on Scott really wasn't good enough to make the later parts of the story logical. Other than that, the heat segment on Scott was really well done, as Doc and Gordy were using crisp, believable and varied offense.


After a couple good teases, Scott eventually ended up getting the hot tag to Rick. The match fell apart at this point due to some poor reffing. Initially, the tag to Rick was fine, as Rick came in to clean house, while Scott got dumped to the outside by Doc. Later on, the ref claimed that he didn't see the tag, so Scott was the legal man. This lead to some very uncomfortable and awkward moments, as Gordy and Rick didn't seem to know what to do, while Scott, the legal guy, was on the floor. As this was going on, Doc hit a vicious shoulderblock to Scott's knee, to further the idea that Scott's knee was in terrible shape.


Eventually, Scott gets back in the ring, and tries to fight his way back. Scott eventually gets Doc setup for a belly to belly, but Gordy comes in and hits a nasty chopblock on Scott's bad knee, then moves on to tie up Rick while Doc gets the pin on Scott.


I really liked the early portions of the match, as the amateur matwork was done very well. There were a few nice transitions and the story of the match was solid, even if the build wasn't done too well in certain parts. The finish was a good idea, but as I mentioned before, early in the match Doc and Gordy really didn't focus on the knee as much as they needed in order for the finish to seem plausible. Plus, the fact that the match was only 15 minutes put a limit on how good it could really be. Although these teams had better, this was still a good match, and was certainly acceptable given the time restraints. ***1/4

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