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Sportz Entertainment?

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What I don't understand about people are that they are entertained by the crap that WWE puts out. The Lita/Edge wedding, Muhammad Hassan, CARLITO...


In the old days we were afforded a higher standard due to the competition between WWF and WCW and to a lesser extent, ECW. These days are gone, and the only available wrestling we have without shelling out the big bucks for RoH tapes or whatnot is the WWE. It really saddens me to see that the standard has taken a huge dip in recent years to the point that spitting apples at people or a demon popping up from under the ring during a wedding or things of that nature is wildly praised. It made me realize that the business will never change despite cries by the "smarks". Why? The fans, marks and smarks both, have accepted what they put out as either mediocre or "decent". Not The Californian. Give me good wrestling matches. Give me logical storylines. Give me something that I can hold in high regard. Fuck this low expectation shit.



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