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18. So bored at work today.

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I don't think I've done a damn thing here today, so far. The clock struggles to move. Even more so since I'm now an extra hour further behind my intolerable east coast friends.


I feel better from yesterday. For those wondering, one of my lovely family members gave my new phone # to my piece of shit "mother", who berated me for leaving her, or something stupid. If I could kill her without any consequences, I would have done so 18 years ago. I get angry about it for a couple hours. Then, it subsides.


Florida won the NCAA title. I guess it's not overly surprising looking at their talent, but with their relative inexperience, they looked like a possible early exit. Good seeing Joakim Noah as their best player, also. As I was quite the fan of Yannick Noah back in the day. I gotta love all serve & volleyers. However, this had to be one of the worst Final Fours in recent history. All blowouts. First March Madness where I had a net loss. Oh well.


Baseball started yesterday. Don't care. Season is too long. There's too many people who love baseball on this board. No offense to them. Like what you want. But, I don't know how one can sit through an entire baseball game, unless they're really, really drunk. Of course, some of you could say the same about tennis, and I could put you on ignore.


Women's basketball final is tonight. Really don't care. The only positive is it marks the end of the god-awful ESPN commercials for it.


WM was pretty bad. Most of it was boring. And the Raw after was even worse. I believe I'm once again done with watching wrestling for approximately 9 months.


Oh, and add me on myspace, if you want. http://myspace.com/heelprincess It's my secondary account. And I'll insult your friends.


I don't know what else. I have nothing planned for tonight. And I'm so bored. This may be a multiple entry day.

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People ask me how I can sit through an entire baseball game.


I think baseball is one of those things where you can only watch it intently and without boredom if you've played it.

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I can watch an entire baseball game, but it HAS to be a playoff game. Then I can really get into it. I just don't put as much focus on game #whateverthefuck in the long ass season that is baseball.

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When I was 13 or so I was a big baseball and hockey fan. I would watch every game I could and be completely enthralled by it. However, today I don't watch too much sports at all.

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