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Draftback: 1990 NFL Draft

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Draftback...ain't I clever? The NFL Draft is later this month and the point of this blog is a lot of nostalgia so might as well look back at some old drafts, plus I've done no football content to this point. Pretty much picked in 1990 at random and because at first glance the 1st round looks rather uninspiring. I will only be looking back at the first round picks as to hell with going over the whole thing. Don't expect any real insight as unlike baseball there isn't much in terms of statisical analyst to do when it comes to football. There is Football Outsiders but their data only goes back five or six years.


IPB Image

1. Indianapolis - Jeff George, QB, Illinois

The Colts traded up to make this controversial choice at the time as it surprised many that he left Illinois early and some weren't even sure he was worth a 1st round pick, let alone the #1 choice overall. All things considered George didn't have that bad of a career but his habit of being a jackass kind of always painted him a bad light. Didn't help that he never made it to a Pro Bowl either.


2. N.Y. Jets - Blair Thomas, RB, Penn State

An overhyped Penn State running back who is a bust in the NFL? GET OUT! Actually showed signs of being a good NFL back in his rookie year but bad knees did him in.


3. Seattle - Cortez Kennedy, DT, Miami

Seven time Pro Bowl selection who would spend his entire 11-year career with the Seahawks. Definently a good pick here.


4. Tampa Bay - Keith McCants, LB, Alabama

Was rated #1 overall by many but he was a huge bust. Last I thing heard on him was he stole a car last year. Ya life didn't turn out to well for him.


5. San Diego - Junior Seau, LB, USC

No brainer here, 11 Pro Bowl selections and a future spot in Canton.


6. Chicago - Mark Carrier, DB, USC

Good NFL career as he burst on the scene his rookie year with a 10 interceptions on his way to Defensive Rookie of the Year. Selected to three Pro Bowls.


7. Detroit - Andre Ware, QB, Houston

Hands down the #1 rated QB coming into the draft and everyone thought he'd be star because he was drafted by a team that had the run and shoot offense. Hey how'd that turn out?


8. New England - Chris Singleton, LB, Arizona

Lasted seven years...um ya that's all I got.


9. Miami - Richmond Webb, T, Texas A&M

Another good pick here, made it to seven Pro Bowls, playing 11 of his 13 years in Miami.


10. New England - Ray Agnew, DE, N.C. State

Halfway decent player who hung around forever it seemed.


11. L.A. Raiders - Anthony Smith, DE, Arizona

Pass rushing specialist who was an absolute beast his first few years in the league.


12. Cincinnati - James Francis, LB, Baylor

Solid player who played nine seasons with the Bengals.


13. Kansas City - Percy Snow, LB, Michigan State

The only thing I remember about Snow was I had one of the "behind the scenes" NFL tapes and one segment was on the Chief's war room before the '90 Draft and they were pretty excited about Snow. He ended lasting a whole three years.


14. New Orleans - Renaldo Turnbull, DE, West Virginia

Part of those scary good Saints' linebacker cores from the early 90's. Decent career with his best year coming in 1993 when he had 13 sacks.


15. Houston - Lamar Lathon, LB, Houston

You can see this was a very deep linebacker draft. Solid career.


16. Buffalo - James Williams, DB, Fresno State

With a common name like that you think I'll actually know anything about the guy?


17. Dallas - Emmitt Smith, RB, Florida

Safe to say everyone except maybe San Diego regretted not taking him.


18. Green Bay - Tony Bennett, LB, Mississippi

Yet another linebacker who had a solid career.


19. Green Bay - Darrell Thompson, RB, Minnesota

1641 yards rushing, 3.5 YPC, 7 career touchdowns, gone after 1994. Ya not a good pick


20. Atlanta - Steve Broussard, RB, Washington State

You know it would have been kind of interesting to see what Broussard would have done in a standard offense rather than the run and shoot. Okay maybe not that interesting but might have given a not so non-descript career.


21. Pittsburgh - Eric Green, TE, Liberty

Pretty good tight end who made it to two Pro Bowls.


22. Philadelphia - Ben Smith, DB, Georgia

Played six years and really who noticed?


23. L.A. Rams - Bern Brostek, C, Washington

I don't think I paid as much attention to the NFL as I thought (and I don't pay that much attention today) I did. The guy played for the Rams so being a 49er fan you think I'd remember the guy with them playing each other twice a year but I don't.


24. N.Y Giants - Rodney Hampton, RB, Georgia

Good career, had five consecutive 1000 yard seasons from '91 to '95.


25. San Francisco - Dexter Carter, RB, Florida State

49ers had the right idea drafting a running back as they would end up being correct in their concerns about Roger Craig lasting much longer (he didn't) but Carter wasn't the guy to replace him. Actually led the 49ers in rushing his rookie year but that just tells you had bad their running game was.

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I have that Jeff George card! I bet it's worth a nickel.


James Williams was actually a decent starting corner for the Bills, who had his career cut short by injury. And I'm glad they had Thurman instead of Emmitt. :P

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Ah, memories. I always liked Richmond Webb.


I'm having a senior moment -- what teams were not yet in the NFL back then? There was Jax, Carolina and Houston. Am I missing anyone?

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Yep. Had great potential to be better, but he was always fucking something up. I remember one game against the Bengals he made a big catch but took a huge step (close to a leap in fact) that caused him to be ruled out of bounds.

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