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My Friday Night

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USC Wuz Robbed!


Friday night... that's the night that most people, besides Saturdays of course, go out to hang/have fun/etc. As for me, it was spent in the recently renamed ipayOne Arena, watching the San Diego Gulls (AA affliate of the Colorado Avalanche) play against the Phoenix Roadrunners. It was my first "professional" hockey game in person. What I saw was absolutely POORLY played hockey. I excused it as the players not really being good enough, it's not NHL, after all, but my god. Has the referees ever heard of the term "icing"? Isn't that shit illegal? I must have missed the memo where it was now allowed. I saw many instances of icing in the game. There was only one "fight", which involved both teams resembling a mosh pit in the corner of the rink. Mick Foley wrote in his book how shameful it was that he saw lacrosse players get in needless fights just to boost ratings/attendances. I saw that last night. It seemed like the players were attempting to create fights with each other for no reason other than just because. It was just terrible. It made me appreciate the NHL much more. Too bad the NHL is the red-haired bastard stepchild of the sports world.


Oh the Gulls lost, 3-1.


Today, I decided to just relax, and wanted to do a "mini-marathon" of Arrested Development, courtesy of my new DVD set. My wife dropped the bombshell that my company was required as she went to the mall to get Easter stuff to make a basket for my son, so I went along with her. We picked out some cute stuff for the basket, so I think our son will enjoy it immensely, as he's big on cars and I bought a lot of cars for the basket. I just came home, and now I'm just going to chill out before resuming my file of Kingdom Hearts II, which is two days overdue at Hollywood Video, oops.


Just filling an entry so it doesn't stagnate. Toodles.

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