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The imPorted Survey

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USC Wuz Robbed!


I say imported, because it's supposed to be a witty takeoff on my name. Plus it's not stolen from Hoff or Leena, no siree.


Here it goes:






Full Name: Christopher Robert Stanton/Jones (depending on who you ask)

Nickname: Chris, CJ... uh that's it.

Birthday: 10/08/1983

Hometown: Lombard, Illinois

Current Location: San Diego, California

Eye Color: According to some, a very beautiful hazel.

Hair Color: Brown/Red, though it's currently bleached blonde.

Height: 6'2.

Astrological Sign: Lady Justice (Libra)

Birthplace: Marathon, Florida

Do you get motion sickness: No.

Can you play any instruments: Used to drum pretty well, but I'm sure I suck now.

Righty/Lefty? The only right way, in sports I'm ambidextrious (sp?)

Do you like to sing? Only to my kids, because I suck.

Do you like to dance? When the situation calls for it.

Have any piercings? Not at the moment.

Any tattoos? One. A tattoo of a sun on my right arm to represent a life change. For this coming Father's Day, I'm supposed to get another one, but I'm souring on the idea.

Weirdest dream you've ever had: A recurring one where I'm hunted down by Kano of Mortal Kombat fame. That man is my archnemesis.

Biggest turn-off: Hmm, probably dishonesty.

Sweetest friend: Rob Taylor

Wildest friend: Brian Milburn

How many best friends do you have: Just a couple, anchored by the significant other.

What are their names: Marissa (SO), Rob, Brian, Adam

Have a crush: My wife would kill me if I did... though I suppose if celebrities count, Cobie Smulders.

Favorite color: Silver

Favorite girl name: I'd go with Kelsey, my daughter's name

Favorite boy name: Christian

Want to get married someday: I am.

How many kids do you want to have? What I have already (2), no more.

How do you want to die: Jeez, my biggest fear is death, so I'd rather not think about it, I mean, even the most peaceful way to die (in sleep) is still scary, because you're expecting to wake up but never do. I guess a fitting way for me to die is at Kano's hands.

Have you ever had any broken bones or stitches: Cracked skull, Fractured ribs, a lot of sprains in both my ankles and my right middle finger (all football related)

Most embarassing moment: Lost to a chick in a wrestling match in high school.


How many people have you kissed: Who the fuck keeps track? Oh...

How many CDs do you have: 4.

Have you ever committed a crime: Shoplifting and marijuana use are the two biggies.

Have you ever been in a fight: Yes.

If you could be any character from literature or film, who would you be: I'll answer both. Literature- Sherlock Holmes. His deduction skills are astounding, you cannot put one past that man. Film- My TSM namesake, Porter.

If you could be any animal, what would you be: A scorpion king.

If you could have one super power, what would it be: The ability to teleport in a blink. Basically called "blinking".

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

1. The collapse of politics worldwide.

2. Either a new everlasting power source or inifinite supply of oil.

3. Peace

What is the last book you read: Did you enjoy it? The Collected Works of Sherlock Holmes, yes.

What is the last movie you saw: Did you enjoy it? Fun With Dick And Jane/Lord of War. FWD&J? No. LOW? Yes, even though I left the movie depressed.

Do you collect anything: Stupid, but I visually collect celebrities' nudity. Physically, nothing.

What is your favorite restaurant: TGI Friday's. Just because my sister's a bigwig there.

Do you have any scars: Several.

Have you ever been to the hospital: Yes.

Have you ever stayed up all night: Fuck yes. Video games, DVDs, television marathons, you name it. (For the TV marathon, only Twilight Zone though, that show is the shit).

Do you cook anything well: Yeah, my wife cooks the majority of the dinners, but on special occasions when she wants the food to taste its best, she calls on me to do it.

What is your favorite game: Board- Risk, Video- I like Madden I guess.

Where do you want to go to college: I'd like to finish my college education at USC. Their film school in specific.

What are you doing this weekend: Probably working.

What are you wearing right now: T-shirt and workout pants.

When was the last time you went shopping: Today, food store.

Single or group dates: Single

Where would you most like to visit: I'd like to visit my grandmother in Italy.

The Simpsons or Family Guy: Oh jeez. I don't watch either anymore, but I was more loyal to the Simpsons.

What is your favorite dog breed: Alaskan Malamute

First thought waking up? Why the fuck is my son up now?

Last thought going to bed? This is not the night to die.

Motto to live by: Don't fuck up.

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