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My thought on the NFL Draft: Bears

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USC Wuz Robbed!


The NFL Draft: This event has become a yearly tradition for me to watch. I know that it drags on with all that time limit often being taken advantage of to the final minute, but it's fun to see what the future of the NFL might look like with those rookies putting on their new team's cap and jersey. For me personally, I keep a watchful eye on the Chicago Bears' selections. This year I ask for one thing and only one thing... actually two.


1. Pick an offensive receiver, please? Pretty please?




The Bears' defense is pretty nasty as it is, and I don't really know of any spots except maybe the other safety position not held by Mike Brown, that needs filling. The offense, however? Absolute ass. They showed a spark of what their offense could be in their final couple games with Rex Grossman, as they actually showed that they had a passing game. Imagine if they balanced it out, with Thomas Jones hopefully being as good or better than last year running and Grossman passing the ball to Muhammad/Berrian/Gage/etc. Mark Bradley's return can only serve good. I honestly don't think the Bears need to replace their incumbent TE that badly. Yeah Desmond Clark doesn't strike fear in people's hearts but so what? He grabs the necessary balls. This year's TE class is pretty weak IMO, there's no standout TE (except for Vernon Davis, who is going to be stupidly taken in the top 10), since Lewis and Pope and the rest don't exactly inspire confidence in me. Hey what about that UCONN basketball dude? If he follows the footsteps of Gates/Gonzo, that can only be good for the Bears. I can easily see Grossman establishing a rapport with a big athletic TE that acts like he's grabbing rebounds than passes. What the Bears should do with their first pick is grab a WR. Yes, a WR. Why not Derek Hagan or Sinorice Moss? Muhsin Muhammad isn't going to be around forever and Justin Gage doesn't seem to be that gamebreaker that people hoped, so grab a WR and hopefully 1 or 2 of their WRs would emerge as the franchise receivers that the QB needs.

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It's a possibility. Actually, a likelihood. Lovie is a defensive minded coach, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him think that the OLB spot needs addressing and with the WR class being as weak as it is, yeah it could happen. Though if a defensive player was taken, I see it being a safety moreso than a LB. Maybe they will hope that Briggs changes his mind. I sure do.

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