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'93-'94 All-NBA Teams

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Just trying to mix up the entires and come up with something different I figured with the NBA Playoffs starting Saturday it'd be time to do an NBA entry. Being a Golden State Warriors fan it's hard to get nostalgic about much of antyhing so I figured I'd pick the year that they last made the playoffs, the first post-Jordan year, and an NBA Finals that was overshadowed by a slow speed chase of a white Ford Bronco. I wasn't sure where I'd go with the entry but one thing that I'm trying to look more into are the sabermetric side of basketball statistics. It's not nearly as well known as baseball sabermetrics and I'm not completely sure how reliable they are.


There's two stats that have caught my interest, John Hollinger's Player Efficiency Rating and the basketball version of Win Shares that was created by the guy who runs basketball-reference.com. I actually did an entry a couple of months ago using Win Shares to compare how well players from the 1989 NBA Draft faired in their careers. Now since I'm not sure how reliable these are, and I didn't want to do a carbon copy of my Award Redos that I do baseball's MVP, I figured I'd just compare the All-NBA teams from the '93-94 season as voted by the media and who were the top players according to these two statiscal formuals.


'93-94 All-NBA Teams (media version)


First Team


F: Karl Malone, Utah (22.9 PER, 37 Win Shares)

F: Scottie Pippen, Chicago (23.2 PER, 32 Win Shares)

C: Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston (25.3 PER, 43 Win Shares)

G: John Stockton, Utah (22.5 PER, 38 Win Shares)

G: Latrell Sprewell, Golden State (15.9 PER, 28 Win Shares)


Second Team


F: Charles Barkley, Phoenix (22.8 PER, 26 Win Shares)

F: Shawn Kemp, Seattle (22.9 PER, 32 Win Shares)

C: David Robinson, San Antonio (30.7 PER, 52 Win Shares)

G: Kevin Johnson, Phoenix (20.6 PER, 28 Win Shares)

G: Mitch Richmond, Sacramento (17.7 PER, 18 Win Shares)


Third Team


F: Derrick Coleman, New Jersey (21.4 PER, 25 Win Shares)

F: Dominique Wilkins, Atlanta/L.A. Clippers (21.4 PER, 25 Win Shares)

C: Shaquille O'Neal, Orlando (28.5 PER, 47 Win Shares)

G: Gary Payton, Seattle (17.8 PER, 27 Win Shares)

G: Mark Price, Cleveland (22.7 PER, 26 Win Shares)


Now here's the top players by position using Player Efficieny Rating




1. Robinson

2. O'Neal

3. Olajuwon




1. Pippen

2. Kemp

3. Barkley

4. Malone

5. Chris Webber, Golden State (21.7 PER)

6. Coleman




1. Price

2. Stockton

3. Johnson

4. Eric Murdock, Milwaukee (20.4 PER)

5. Reggie Miller, Indiana (20.2 PER)

6. Rod Strickland, Portland (19.9 PER)


Now using Win Shares




1. Robinson

2. O'Neal

3. Olajuwon




1. Malone

2. Kemp

3. Pippen

4. Otis Thorpe, Detroit (31 Win Shares)

5. Horace Grant, Chicago (30 Win Shares)

6. A.C. Green, Phoenix (29 Win Shares)




1. Stockton

2. Miller

3. Mookie Blaylock, Atlanta (30 Win Shares)

4. Stacey Augmon, Atlanta (29 Win Shares)

5. Johnson

6. Sprewell


Probably the most interesting thing is Robinson and O'Neal both coming out ahead of Olajuwon who won the league's MVP and then had that incredible postseason. Sprewell making the All-NBA first team appears to have been way off and I have no problem agreeing with him being overrated. The high PER for Eric Murdock looks a bit odd and he didn't fair to well according to Win Shares (only had 15).

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