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Draftback: 1995 NFL Draft

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Before I go into the draftback with the current state of ESPN Classic, why not have a marathon of old drafts? Just edit down the first round of each draft to two hour blocks as I think it would be mildly interesting to see how each player was evaluated as they were drafted. It certainly can't be any less interesting than "classic" pool. What exactly constitutes classic pool anyways? Maybe a match where at the end a guy breaks his pool cue over the guy's head or any match with that hot asian chick. My guess though is that ESPN might not want to air those old drafts and show that Mel Kiper Jr. is really no better than your average draft prognosticater at predicting future success.


Anyways just picked the '95 Draft at random and it features quite a few busts starting at #1.


IPB Image

1. Cincinnati - Ki-Jana Carter, RB, Penn State

Hands down, the #1 rated player in the draft, can't miss, guarenteed star. But he injured his knee in the preseason and that pretty much doomed him for the rest of his career.


2. Jacksonville - Tony Boselli, T, USC

Had the potential to be a future HOF but injuries plus a botched shoulder surgery ended his career early. Selected to five Pro Bowls.


3. Houston - Steve McNair, QB, Alcorn State

Has put together a pretty good career and nearly won a Super Bowl. Injuries have slowed him down in recent years.


4. Washington - Michael Westbrook, WR, Colorado

Big debate over who was the top receiver going into the draft, Westbrook or J.J. Stokes. Did it really matter in the end? One good season and that's about it.


5. Carolina - Kerry Collins, QB, Penn State

Ocassinally has his moments but overall a dissapointing career. But hey he can drink any player in the league under the table.


6. St. Louis - Kevin Carter, DE, Florida

Decent career, led the league with 17 sacks in 1999.


7. Philadelphia - Mike Mamula, DE, Boston College

Probably the poster child for workout wonders who shoot up the draft board but then don't produce on the field. Played only five seasons.


8. Seattle - Joey Galloway, WR, Ohio State

Although was highly rated, Seattle was crticized for taking him over Stokes. Has had to battle some injuries over the years but overall a fairly productive career.


9. N.Y. Jets - Kyle Brady, TE, Penn State

This pick was of course a classic televised draft moment as every Jet fan in the audience wanted them to pick Warren Sapp and they were none too pleased when Brady's name was announced. Not bad numbers for a tight end but certainly not worth a Top 10 pick.


10. San Francisco - J.J. Stokes, WR, UCLA

This was a pretty big deal at the time as the defending champs traded up to get the next Jerry Rice. So much for that. Never cracked 800 yards in a single season.


11. Minnesota - Derrick Alexander, DE, Florida State

Another team that passed on Sapp. Five seasons. 20 sacks. Bust.


12. Tampa Bay - Warren Sapp, DT, Miami

A positive drug test for marijuana (OMG, professional athletes smoke weed? No way!) dropped him in the draft and Tampa ended being the benefactor. Very good career, although massively overrated in recent years.


13. New Orelans - Mark Fields, LB, Washington State

Pretty good career.


14. Buffalo - Ruben Brown, G, Pittsburgh

Good pick, eight time Pro Bowl selection.


15. Indianapolis - Ellis Johnson, DT, Florida

Solid career.


16. Philadelphia - Hugh Douglas, DE, Central State

I suppose the Eagles wanted to make sure they got one good end out of this first round. Selected to three Pro Bowls.


17. N.Y. Giants - Tryone Wheatley, RB, Michigan

Kiper had a big hard on for Wheatley but only put together one good season.


18. Oakland - Napolean Kaufman, RB, Washington

Most felt the Raiders were reaching here. Not a workhorse by any means but when he touched the ball he could make big plays. Retired early to became a pastor. Loser.


19. Jacksonville - James Stewart, RB, Tennessee

Decent back when healthy.


20. Detroit - Luther Elliss, DE, Utah

Merely adequate.


21. Chicago - Rashaan Salaam, RB, Colorado

Think Ricky Williams without the talent. A Heimsan Trophy bust? Never saw it coming.


22. Carolina - Tyrone Poole, CB, Fort Valley State

Just an average corner.


23. New England - Ty Law, CB, Michigan

Maybe a tad overrated but not too shabby of a pick here. Selected to four Pro Bowls.


24. Minnesota - Korey Stringer, T, Ohio State

We know what happened here.


25. Miami - Billy Milner, T, Houston

Shitty. Where else can you get in depth analysis like that?


26. Atlanta - Devin Bush, S, Florida State



27. Pittsburgh - Mark Bruener, TE, Washington

Very few catches but made his mark as a good blocking tight end.


28. Tampa Bay - Derrick Brooks, LB, Florida State

Wow, what a first round by the Bucs. Potential future Hall of Famer.


29. Carolina - Blake Brockermeyer, T, Texas

Decent and had a great lineman name.


30. Cleveland - Craig Powell, LB, Ohio State

Played a whole three games with the Browns.


31. Kansas City - Trezelle Jenkins, T, Michigan

Nine games in three years. Yikes.


32. Green Bay - Craig Newsome, CB, Arizona State

Showed a lot of promise when his career started but a knee injury did him in.


Other Players of Note


37. Washington - Cory Raymer, C, Wisconsin

38. St. Louis - Zach Wiegert, T, Nebraska

47. Arizona - Frank Sanders, WR, Auburn

48. Indianapolis - Ken Dilger, TE, Illinois

50. Philadelphia - Bobby Taylor, CB, Notre Dame

60. Pittsburgh - Kordell Stewart, QB, Colorado

74. New England - Curtis Martin, RB, Pittsburgh

79. Indianapolis - Zack Crockett, FB, Florida State

90. Green Bay - Antonio Freeman, WR, Virginia Tech

132. Carolina - Frank Garcia, G, Washington

181. Atlanta - Travis Hall, DT, BYU

192. Detroit - Cory Schlesinger, FB, Nebraska

196. Denver - Terrell Davis, RB, Georgia

206. N.Y. Giants - Charles Way, FB, Virginia

230. Green Bay - Adam Timmerman, G, South Dakota State

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Wow, Sapp and Brooks were picked in the same year and in the same round. I didn't know that. And be nice to Breuner; it's not his fault he didn't catch many passes. Being a TE in Shittsburgh means you block, not catch. When Cowher decided to start throwing the ball to Miller last year, local fans were in disbelief.

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I was saying the same thing to my brother about last weekends "Draft" marathon.


Also of note this was the last draft for the original Cleveland Browns. First year in Baltimore they drafted Jonathan Ogden, and Ray Lewis in the first round.


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