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34. Random babbling.

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Well, the draft is this weekend.


It's one of those things that I have no idea why I watch. I'll be sitting for a couple hours, bored out of my mind, but can't take my eyes off the TV. And it's going to be even worse since NFL Network has Draft coverage now... and, I guess they won't ignore all non-QB and "controversial" figures from the 2nd round on, like ESPN.


As for my favorite loser teams...


Bills - DT is their biggest need, by far. When Tim Anderson is starting for an NFL team, they need major help. I hope they take BIG HOSS! Haloti Ngata. But, rumor is they may prefer Bunkley, since Buffalo's defense relies more on some speed at DT, instead of just big fat guys. I want Ngata. And, please do not take Justice. He has Mike Williams' suckiness written all over him. Might not be able to play left tackle. Mental issues. No, no, no.


Cards - They'll probably end up taking Justice, since they really need OL help. At #11, probably the best fit, unless Detroit is retarded again and takes an offensive player instead of Michael Huff. And they're probably not taking Cutler. Kurt Warner will be starting for at least a few more years.


I don't know about other teams. I haven't really followed the draft much this year.


But, some other thoughts.


Matt Leinart will be a complete bust. Just watch some of his college games, and see how inaccurate he is. The common argument is that he only did that in the important TV games, but whatevz. He's inaccurate, doesn't have great arm strength, and not a good runner. Oh, but he has "winning intangibles". Yeah, Rob Johson would also have those intangibles if he played in that USC offense. I hope the Jets take him. I bet Pennington with his decrepid arm still plays significantly better than Leinart.


Vince Young will cause some team's fans years of anguish. He's never played QB at Texas, in any important moments. Getting the ball snapped to you, and immediately turning into a RB 70% of the time, is not a QB. And that shit definitely won't fly in the NFL. If Vick, with his legit RB speed can't regularly do it, there's no chance in hell Young will. Plus, whatever team that gets him is going to work on his mechanics. They can't help but not to. If anyone is expecting Young to make any positive impact on a team in less than 3 years, they're crazy. I'm not going to write him off... but, if you're a team drafting him in the Top 10, and dedicating many millions of dollars to him, they better have the patience of Job. Whatever that means.


Reggie Bush... well, at least the hype cooled off him after Young's godlike performance in the Rose Bowl. His talents make him worthy of the #1 pick. But, for those Sean Salisbury types that are already crowning him an NFL great... kid has tons to proof in the next level. Can he ever run inside, and learn that outrunning everyone outside won't work. Can he handle being an every down back.


If I hear anything about Brett Favre returning, or OMGZ HE MIGHT RETIRE AGAIN IN 2007, I'll scream. And he's going to go through another horrible year in Green Bay, lolzies.


That's all. I have people on AIM talking to me, and they're going to get anger if I stay here.


xoxoxo Leelee.

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Hey! :)


I love the draft solely for the ESPN Draft Forecast game!


I have Bunkley going at 8. But my 10-15 pick guesses change every hour. ;(


I like southpaw and running QBs!


I don't get everyone's Cutler love.


I like big hoss Darrell Hackney in the later rounds!


I hate Favre!



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I do Fin.


I didn't even realize Hackney was getting drafted... I loved watching him on UAB? Was it? Hoss QB's rule. Except Culpepper.

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I do Fin.


I didn't even realize Hackney was getting drafted... I loved watching him on UAB? Was it? Hoss QB's rule. Except Culpepper.

Yes UAB.


I don't know what your problem with Culpepper is.

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