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My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts

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Gary Floyd


So far, things are doing alright.


-Anyways, yesterday I got the reissues of Chaperhouses Whirlpool and Byrne and Eno's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. I haven't been able to listen to Whirlpool yet, but I did listen to Ghosts yesterday and today. Simply put, I'm blown away at how awesome it is. It's hard to believe that this was recorded around 79-80, as it sounds very ahead of it's time. Plus, it's catchy (and at times, funky) as hell. I'll have to get Talking Heads Fear of Music after this one, though that won't be until later in the future. Man, I have several CD's I want to purchase right now, including the new ones from The Sounds and Goldfrapp, and some oldies from Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and some others who have escaped my mind right now.


-I also finally got to buying the 2-disc special edition of Daio Argento's debut film Bird With The Crystal Plummage today. I'll get to watching it tonight, and I'll let you know how it is.


That's it for now. Next time: Bird With the Crystal Plummage, the Chapterhouse album Whirlpool, and the most underrated comedies of all time.

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