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The Bird With The Crystal Plumage

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Gary Floyd


-Last night I watched The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, and I loved it. It's a great piece of early giallo style horror cinema, and it was Dario Argento's directorial review.


-Listened to the reissue to Chapterhouses album Whirlpool, and it's pretty good. The bonus tracks (all ep songs) are a mixed bag (some are great, some not so great) but the album tracks are great. Good to see a reissue of this, as it's a bit of a lost classic in the shoegazer era.


-It seems like a guy from Fox News has stepped in as Bush's new advisor. If you ask me, I'm suprised it took this long for a guy from Fox News to officially work for Bush, but it's happened. I will say this: He's probably the envy of a lot of the folks that work at Fox news.


-I enjoy the Colbert report, but I must admit: I think that sometimes, he overplays the character a bit. It's not that hard to mock/satirize dudes like Hannity, but he sometimes overdoes his character, making it a little annoying.


-And now, as I promised last night, here's my list of underrated/underappreciated comedy movies


National Lampoon's European Vacation-Not as good as the first Vacation movie, or Christmas Vacation, but infanately better than Vegas Vacation. There are some lame moments (the dreadful 80's fashions come to mind), but there are some great moments, such as Eric Idle's appearances, and Clark forgetting to turn off the camcorder when he's having sex with his wife (and said video making it on the French Porn market).


Pootie Tang-This, along with Undercover Brother, are far superior to the overrated Austin Powers movies (though I do love the second Powers movie the most). Everything about this movie is hysterical, from the Villains (Jennifer Coolidge as an over the top hooker, David Cross as a Pootie Tang Impersonator) to the soundtrack ("I Wanna Be Your Man" by Zapp and Roger in particular, is a great highlight), to the appearences from other comics (Todd Berry comes to mind) to Pooties daddy, to the guy who always repeats what others are saying, to Dirty D ("They made me shower!"), to Pooties way with the ladies, to Bob Costas, to Pooties dialogue in general, to the absurd fight scenes-just about everything in this movie is hilarious.


Kung Pow-I'm only mentioning this because I don't know anyone that loves this movie. How can anybody hate a movie with Gopher Chucks and a villain named Bettie? Plus: "That's alotta nuts!"


Shaolin Soccer-Not as good as Kung Fu Hustle, but close enough. Have I ever mentioned that Stephen Chou is fucking awesome?


Canadian Bacon-The last movie John Candy starred in, and the only movie Michael Moore has done that I can honestly enjoy. The highlights: John and the boys forgetting the words to Born in the U.S.A. and Oklahoma, and the scene at the camp fire were we realize that the black guy is always the first guy to die in movies.


Joes Apartment -Singing cockroaches (one voiced by Dave Chappel), making fun of scenester kids, a man named Walter Shit, syncronized swimming in a toilet, Robert Vaughn, and Don Ho. I have always loved this movie, but nobody else seems to.


Beavis and Butthead Do America-The peyote trip itself is a highlight of 90's comedy in itself. Also: "The guys who's trailer off they were wacking" may be one of the funniest things ever said.


Dirty Work-Norm McDonald was always underrated in my eyes, and this movie proves it. Moments such as "Men in Black-Having Sex with Other men" are good, but the dead hookers in a car joke is a thing of comic genius.


Street Trash-Essentially a horror comedy, but oh well. Here's a movie with a liquor that causes the body to melt into monet like colors, or causes it to explode. Also has: rape, necrophillia, a cop who pukes on people, bad dialogue, fart jokes, and most memorably of all: A game of Hot Potato with a severed penis.


Very Bad Things-The wanna be Quentin Tarentino moments suck, but the rest of this movie is great. Jokes about chopping up hookers, Daniel Stern going insane, Christian Slater being an evil asshole, and a wonderfully dark ending.


The Cable Guy-Jim Carey as a psychotic stalker. When this came out, critics (and audiences) hated it, or didn't understand it. I think this sucker a a great piece of dark comedy. Also, to this day, I sometimes say "Oh Billy!"


Cabin Boy-I don't care what anybody says: this movie is awesome. Chris Elliot, a cameo from David Letterman, and great dialogue ("These Pipe Are Clean!").

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Hooray for people saying they are a fan of Stephen Colbert. Your assessment of the overplaying is fair, but if he's being annoying, that is probably the desired emotion he wishes to get from you.


I also agree that Dirty Work is an underrated movie. Shaolin Soccer is also quite awesome.

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