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41. The best and the worst. #10's.

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I finally did my lists.


It was tougher than I thought.


The best was much tougher. I tried to avoid some personal biases. There's so many good posters here... it was tough to choose.


And both lists will exclude gimmick posters. So, no wildpegasus.


But, first some yammering about my boring life:


I own tickets for Game 2 of the Suns/Clippers series. I am so excited to see the Clips in the Elite 8 of the NBA Playoffs. It will be a surreal feeling. Plus, I've never been to an NBA regular season game, let alone a playoff game before... so, fun will be had.


I think I've finally met someone I'm compatible with. While shopping at Gamestop, there was a 6 foot tall female worker. Who obviously was a video game geek. And she played sports. I was seriously in awe. We talked for a good 10 minutes in the store. I hope to meet her some more, and be bestest friends. While I have many fellow female acquaintances... I can't say I'm good friends with many. I'm a very unique person. So, I'm excited.


I play in another tournament next weekend. I will win at least one match. And it's very much needed. I'm on a long cold streak.


I hate my nose, and Jennifer Garner jaw.


Ok, list time.




#10: NY Untouchable


Positives: Improved somewhat lately... was in the Top 5 for much of the past few years. Decent wrestling poster.


Negatives: In the past, he basically just posted: 1) Lame attempts at starting fights with people, 2) Horrible jokes, 3) Lame e-fed shit.


Oh, and T#10: The Satanic Angel


Negative: Any of her many descriptive posts mentioning her sexual trevails, makes me seriously gag. Not that I'm a beauty queen by any means... but she's disgusting, fat, and most people here probably assume she's a man from her avatar. I hope she's a gimmick poster.




#10: EricMM


Positives: Very smart guy. Sweet, kind person, also. Money in the CE threads, going against the mighty MikeSC. Cute and successful in life.


Negatives: Can struggle at bringing the funny. Very liberal :(.


#9's in the next entry.









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I'm just like you in regards to people of the same sex as friends. I can hardly call any of my male acquaintances, friends. Buddies, perhaps. I mean I'll aim with them, chat them up on the phone if I am in the mood or even grab lunch with if I feel social enough.


I think I only have one true male friend and we have similar enough interests but it's really just that we trust each other enough but beyond him, I wouldn't tell any of those other fucks a intimate detail of my life.


Guess what, I was talking to my ex and apparently she is on the JV tennis team now after playing tennis in her gym class (she never played before that) If you read my rants, you know I'm still close to her(as friends)...so I gotta learn a little about Tennis. I mean I played Tennis in high school but not competively and I basically had one advantage (my strength) but I couldn't tell you a damn thing about the game itself. I'll probably google it.


Tennis > Volleyball, I know that much.



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Eric was gold in Marvin's thread. I never payed too much attention too him until then. Well, and now Boardum and Myspace, I gues. But that got the ball rolling.

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I watched the Clips blowout someone. In the playoffs. On the road. In the 2nd round. Against a team with the MVP of the league.


This is history I've seen!


And I'll never forget it...

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