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42. #9 in the countdown of boredum.

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Not much response for the last one. Lame. I wanted fights in here. Oh well. #9.


And my good list is fucked up, because I totally forgot someone. So, I'll make up for it now with #10 and #9 on that side.




#10: Damaramu.


I'm sure to draw some jeers for this one.


Positives: Genuinely good guy. Draws the ire of the assholes in the sports forum. Posts high quality comedy, although not always intentional. Certainly makes the board more fun to read. HOSS.


Negatives: Can be a really big, dumb lummox. Stubborn as anything, and beats hits points until the dead horse is buried in the ground.


#9: Black Lushus


Positives: Has a fun attitude. Just a great guy to chill with. Brings the comedic value with many of his stories, especially being enormously pussy-whipped by his Wifey. Brings a perspective in the wrestling forums that I agree with, and many others should be more open to. Huge nerd. Probably looks like a buff Urkel.


Negatives: Fucks Carnival. Gets a bit too defensive at times. annoying...typing style. Says he wants to talk to me, but never does. (I DO RESPOND TO YOUR OFFLINE MESSAGES.)




#9: CanadianGuitarist (and generally, your average poster in the sports forum).


The sports forum here sucks balls.


Granted, many sports fans are rude assholes. That comes with liking competition. But, here, it's even worse.


CanadianGuitarist, the max, CanadianChris, Kingof609 or whatever, etc... you can go on and on with many posters in the sports folder. Besides the especially bad ones I'll mention later...


A bunch of rude, curt jerks who insult people, think they know everything there is about sports, and horrible people to talk with on any basis. And you can't even have sports conversations with these types. They post everything as "facts", and tear you down by disagreeing with them.


#8's soon.




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Dama is a perplexing character because he tries to hard to get attention for himself and then when he gets it, he bitches because he's being attacked. Has a tendency to derail threads completely. I don't like him nor do I dislike him, I just think he tries to hard for attention. He also needs to stop acting as if ESPN is the only media in the country.


I can't even tell alot of the sports people apart because they are all saying the same thing in a circular arguement that spreads over 6 pages and never gets anywhere and it usually involves the same 4 people mass quoting each other. I don't possess a large knowledge of NBA or Hockey, so I tend to avoid getting into those discussions but I can't stand the Yankee and Cub fans who need to investigate every single AB in the game.


How many times are we going to go over the "Derek Jeter is clutch!" "Clutch doesn't exist in baseball" debate?


I love how the Kobe haters bitch about Kobe getting the attention, when it them who are yapping endlessly about how much they hate him and the media's protrayal of Kobe. You idiots fuel the fire.

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I wanted to make this, or any part of it. Thank you.


And when I post things as "fact", it's not. It's my opinion and that's just the way I feel. If I thought it was fact, I would have gotten myself banned a long time ago.


If I think you're wrong, that's all it is. A thought.

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I hope i'm not part of the rude sports folder group.


Sports is sports. Sports should not be a passion, unless it's what you do for a living. You shouldn't lose sleep if your team doesn't win. You shouldn't threaten someone with violence if your team chokes. You shouldn't say "we". You aren't on the team.

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Whoa whoa whoa. You got Damaramu on the good side? Come on now. I guess I can appreciate the unintentional comedy, but he never says anything intelligent and he gets awfully annoying when he really goes off on something. I'd say that I get annoyed after about 70% of his posts that I read. They're always "well, I'm right because I think I am even though I don't know anything about the subject".

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Black Lushus is one of the few guys on the board that I wouldn't mind meeting sometime . . . and no, not in the NBC Dateline Predator way. More like a swishing down a beer watching a ppv way.

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