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  1. MillenniumMan831

    WWE Online Archived Videos

  2. MillenniumMan831

    HBK is a little unhappy

    I've mellowed out since but I'll always remain a little bitter at him for getting the finish to the One Night Only match changed w/ Bulldog . . . after DBS dedicated the match to his cancer-stricken dying sister. Hell, a double-CO would have been fine with DX taunting the Harts on their way to the back while the Harts stay in the ring and challenge them to fight.
  3. MillenniumMan831

    TNA Impact 7/16/09

    Or at least call him Michael Cole
  4. MillenniumMan831

    TNA IMPACT 6/4

    I hope the Foley/JB comedy tandem never breaks up.
  5. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    Some of those filenames are tough to figure out. Stuff like 'lancerude' 'mikehayes' 'rude_dingo'. Headaches.
  6. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    Updated the archive.
  7. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    Updated the archive.
  8. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    Updated the archive.
  9. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    You're the main man on campus Landy. I'm at work now, but tonight I should have some time to try to crack the SS code.
  10. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    And here's the WM2 battle royal - http://wmsdrm.wwe.com/jukebox/042009/drm-0406_fridge_750.wmv
  11. MillenniumMan831

    TNA Spoilers for 4/2

    Yeah, he turned it down at the end of last week's Impact. He said he was more interested in slicing fools . . . well, not in those exact words.
  12. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    What can I say, you're the man Landy!
  13. MillenniumMan831

    The OaO Raw Thread - 3/30/09

  14. MillenniumMan831

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    I get a post-nerve injury Paul Orndorff vibe when I see Angle. I don't know if he's healthy or not but at least Angle gets a helluva lot more days off than he did three years ago.
  15. MillenniumMan831

    AWA Wrestling back on the air

    So does anyone know the deal w/ ESPNC avoiding the 1989 AWA eps? Were they off ESPN at this time? And three cheers for the Verne Gagne/Lord James Blears commentating combo. Both of these guys are always lost. During the Vader/Hansen championship match, Gagne was more concerned about getting some semi-attractive skirt to say hi to all the wrestling fans out there.