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I feel guilty and need to confess

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A few weeks ago at the gym I did something that I feel pretty guilty about. The gym I was at was crowded and doesn't have all the proper equipment it should. So instead of using a power rack for my shrugs I was using the bench press to lift off my weights. Since when I do my shrugs I like to have my feet closer together than what the width of the weight bench allows I have to walk backwards with the weight until I can put my feet a little closer together. Than I proceed to do my shrugs. After I do my shrugs I put the bar back on the bench press while I wait until I'm ready for my next set. Since this isn't too commonly done (don't reccomend walking backwards with a barbell) people who just look over at the bench press automatically think you're just doing benches. So if the gym's crowded they can take over the spot where you would normally shrug at.


This happened to me the other week. It happens sometimes. No big deal -- I'll just tell whoever what's up and everyone's happy. This time though a girl decided to use the eAxact spot where I had been shrugging at. Not just any girl but the hottest girl in the gym. Now this was different because as anyone from this board knows I'm the wimpiest person ever the fairer sex. So it came down to this -- My love of weightraining and being able to finish vs actually having to make conversation with a girl and not only that but at the same time perhaps interfering with her workout some. My first instinct was to delay and that's exactly what I did in the hopes of not having to talk and at the same time in the hopes that she would be done quikly.

Well, there was no luck there and time started to get away with me. This was inturrupting my workout and I was really starting to panic similar to what I'd do if I had to do a presentation project in my school. Finally, I grew some testicles and explained to her that I would just need that spot for my brief set and than she could do her sets. Nobody would get inturrupted as we'd do sets one right after each other. A perfect solution that has solved many dilemnas in the gym. But it didn't turn out that way. I think (maybe it was my fault for being so nervous and hence not clear enough) but I think she thought I wanted the spot all to myself. So she left the area there and went working out elsewhere. After that, I felt tremendously guilty and because I was scared if I went back that it'd be showing some kind of interest in her (never mind the added pressure of having to talk again especially when I didn't have the motivation of getting into "her" spot for my exercises) so I didn't rectify the situation. Maybe in saying this here I can get rid of some of the guilt that's been anchoring me down as of late. I hate it when my natural instincts prevent me from being a good person.


Chins Bodyweight 178 + 41pds around waist for 9 full range reps. This wasn't to failure as I'm cycling up to hopefully 12 reps.

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