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Draftback: 1990 MLB Draft

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MLB Draft is a couple of weeks away so might as well do some Draftbacks, plus I'm having to wait to do 2006 MVP Watch #2 as Hardball Times doesn't have update Win Shares yet. I picked the 1990 draft because it is an infamous draft for the Oakland A's. They had 4 of the first 36 picks and took four pitchers who would were dubbed the "Four Aces." Those four pitchers were Todd Van Poppel, Don Peters, Dave Zancanaro, and Kirk Dressendorfer. Um ya, they didn't quite live up the hype.


IPB Image


1. Braves - Chipper Jones, Shorstop, High School

Braves certainly can't complain about how this worked out. Has put up a .303/.401/.538 line thru 2005 and won an MVP in 1999. If he can manage to put up a few more good years he may have a case for the Hall of Fame.


2. Tigers - Tony Clark, Outfield, High School

Of course converted to first base has to put together an okay career that peaked early from the ages of 25 to 27. Seemed finished a couple of years ago until having a great year out of no where last season.


3. Phillies - Mike Lieberthal, Catcher, High School

Decent career and any franchise has to be happy if they get over 12 years in the Majors out of a catching prospect.


4. White Sox - Alex Fernandez, Pitcher, High School

Pretty good pitcher who's career was cut short by shoulder problems.


5. Pirates - Kurt Miller, Pitcher, High School

Our first bust and it's baseball so there will be plenty more. Was never effective above Double-A but still some how made it to the Majors as a member of the Marlins. 7.48 ERA in 80 2/3 innings in the Majors.


6. Mariners - Marc Newfield, First Base, High School

Outside of a decent 1996 season was never a factor in the Majors. Twice traded with Ron Villone.


7. Reds - Dan Wilson, Catcher, Minnesota

Another decent career out of a catcher here although it came with the Mariners as the Reds traded him after the 1993 season with Bobby Ayala for Bret Boone and Erik Hanson.


8. Indians - Tim Costo, Shortstop, Iowa

Traded to the Reds in 1991, only played 43 games in the Majors.


9. Dodgers - Ron Walden, Pitcher, High School

First player on the board who never made it to the Majors.


10. Yankees - Carl Everett, Outfield, High School

Put together a pretty good career filled temper tantrums and disbelief of dinosaurs. Never played for the Yankees as the Marlins picked him up in the '92 expansion draft.


11. Expos - Darrell Andrews, Shortstop/Pitcher, High School

Could go both ways apparantly but not to the Majors.


12. Twins - Todd Ritchie, Pitcher, High School

Oddly enough his best year in professional baseball came in the Majors with the Pirates in 1999 when he went 15-9 with a 3.49 ERA. Lousy at pretty much any other point.


13. Cardinals - Donovan Osborne, Pitcher, UNLV

Moderatley effective pitcher early in his career but injuries pretty much shut him down by age 28 although has made a couple of comebacks including with the Yankees last season.


14. A's - Todd Van Poppel, Pitcher, High School

Ahhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooo. Would have gone much higher in the draft but teams were worried he'd enroll at Texas but ended up signing with the A's which ended up being the wrong choice for both parties.


15. Giants - Adam Hyzdu, Outfield, High School

254 career homeruns in the minors, 14 in the majors.


16. Rangers - Daniel Smith, Pitcher, Creighton

Just 29 innings pitched in the Majors.


17. Mets - Jeromy Burnitz, Outfield, Oklahoma State

I suppose he's a journeyman power hitter? Over 300 career homeruns with seven teams.


18. Cardinals - Aaron Holbert, Shortstop, High School

Career minor leaguer who had only three at bats in the Majors until last season when he appeared in 22 games for the Reds.


19. Giants - Eric Christopherson, Catcher, San Diego State

Probably wished they drafted the next guy.


20. Orioles - Mike Mussina, Pitcher, Stanford

Very consistent, good pitcher through most of his career and some would argue he may have a case for the Hall of Fame, although I wouldn't be one of them.


21. Astros - Tom Nevers, Shortstop, High School

Whole career spent in the minors, mostly at Double-A.


22. Blue Jays - Steve Karsay, Pitcher, High School

Once traded for Rickey Henderson, injuries prevented from ever making it as a starter but resurrected his career in 1998 as a reliever after the A's traded him to the Indians for Mike Fetters. D'oh.


23. Cubs - Lance Dickson, Pitcher, Arizona

Debuted just two months after he was drafted making three starts and then never returned to the Majors.


24. Expos - Rondell White, Outfield, High School

Never lived up to the hype but has put together a pretty good career.


25. Padres - Robbie Beckett, Pitcher, High School

6.09 career ERA in the minors yet he still got a couple of cups of coffee with the Rockies.


26. A's - Don Peters, Pitcher, St. Francis

Not even close. FOUR ACES!


Other Picks of Note


2nd Round, White Sox - Bob Wickman

4th Round, Angels - Garret Anderson

5th Round, Mariners - Bret Boone

6th Round, Mariners - Mike Hampton

6th Round, Angels - Troy Percival

7th Round, Indians - David Bell

9th Round, Mets - Fernando Vina

10th Round, Rangers - Rusty Greer

11th Round, Mets - Darren Dreifort (did not sign)

21st Round, Twins - Eddie Guardado

22nd Round, Yankees - Andy Pettitte

24th Round, Yankees - Jorge Posada

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