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2006 MVP Watch #2

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ESPN is already doing the "Chasing Bonds" treatment for Albert Pujols but it really should be "Chasing Wagner." According to HardballTimes.com Pujols is on pace to tie Honus Wagner's single season record of 59 Win Shares set back in 1908. I am outraged the media is ignoring this potential historic event. Come on the homerun record has been broken twice in the last eight years, the Win Shares record hasn't been broken in 98 years! Don't you remember as a kid always wondering if someone would reach that magical #59?


Anyways no shock at all who's #1 in the N.L. still and I might as well give the entire Top 10 to Pujols. Not much else of note, two drop out and one of the "Most Overrated Players in Baseball" cracks to the Top 10.


Drop Outs: Carlos Delgado, Carlos Lee


#10 Bobby Abreu, Phillies

.276/.447/.503, 36 RC, .316 EQA, 13.8 VORP, 10 Win Shares


#9 Chase Utley, Phillies

.328/.406/.554, 35 RC, .298 EQA, 18.9 VORP, 10 Win Shares


#8 Bronson Arroyo, Reds

195 ERA+, 3.79 K/BB, 1.06 WHIP, 26.7 VORP, 8 Win Shares


#7 Carlos Beltran, Mets

.259/.382/.600, 32 RC, .324 EQA, 20.6 VORP, 9 Win Shares


#6 Morgan Ensberg, Astros

.272/.403/.627, 36 RC, .322 EQA, 20.8 VORP, 9 Win Shares


#5 Miguel Cabrera, Marlins

.335/.432/.599, 41 RC, .338 EQA, 25.4 VORP, 8 Win Shares


#4 Tom Glavine Mets

167 ERA+, 2.32 K/BB, 1.13 WHIP, 23.0 VORP, 9 Win Shares


#3 Lance Berkman, Astros

.296/.375/.605, 40 RC, .307 EQA, 17.1 VORP, 11 Win Shares


#2 Brandon Webb, Diamondbacks

191 ERA+, 6.00 K/BB, 1.10 WHIP, 28.1 VORP, 9 Win Shares



IPB Image

.323/.450/.804, 58 RC, .365 EQA, 37.8 VORP, 17 Win Shares


On the A.L. side there's a lot of change with five players dropping out from last week with a couple of familiar faces jumping in including Baseball Jesus himself. But the #1 spot stays the same and even though Thome isn't blowing away the rest of the league like Pujols he definently has a comfortable edge right now. Of course a name you will not see anywhere on this list is the WORST PLAYER EVER, MR. UNCLUTCH A-FRAUD!!!!! God damn how is he not playing in Single-A now? How do the Yankees win any games with him dragging down the club?


Drop Outs: Jonny Gomes, Vernon Wells, Alexis Rios, Nick Swisher, Ramon Hernandez


#10 Jose Lopez, Mariners

.292/.322/.497, 40 RC, .284 EQA, 15.8 VORP, 10 Win Shares


#9 Jose Contreras, White Sox

250 ERA+, 2.73 K/BB, 0.87 WHIP, 25.9 VORP, 8 Win Shares


#8 Kevin Youkilis, Red Sox

.319/.432/.503, 36 RC, .318 EQA, 15.7 VORP, 9 Win Shares


#7 Miguel Tejada, Orioles

.333/.391/.587, 35 RC, .325 EQA, 27.6 VORP, 8 Win Shares


#6 Jason Giambi, Yankees

.260/.464/.583, 40 RC, .348 EQA, 19.6 VORP, 9 Win Shares


#5 Manny Ramirez, Red Sox

.314/.441/.577, 36 RC, .337 EQA, 20.5 VORP, 9 Win Shares


#4 Derek Jeter, Yankees

.348/.433/.519, 41 RC, .325 EQA, 27.6 VORP, 9 Win Shares


#3 Travis Hafner, Indians

.311/.443/.627, 46 RC, .353 EQA, 26.6 VORP, 9 Win Shares


#2 Scott Kazmir, Devil Rays

199 ERA+, 3.19 K/BB, 1.28 WHIP, 26.2 VORP, 11 Win Shares



IPB Image

.304/.440/.684, 51 RC, .351 EQA, 28.7 VORP, 12 Win Shares

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OMG I have that Thome card. I hope those '91 Upper Deck cards are still worth something.

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Lopez is on there because of his Win Shares total as I couldn't leave off someone who is 3rd in Win Shares in the league. His offensive numbers are a little better than they look when you factor playing in a pitcher's park.


Soriano is on my radar, would have been Top 15.

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Maybe later in the year. With the Cy Young you may always see who I'd have #1 in th MVP voting. Right now in the ROY in the N.L. it'd be between Prince Fielder and Hanley Ramirez, in the A.L. either Justin Verlander or Josh Papelbon.

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Josh, Jonathan, Justin, too many J names.


There's never been any other player with the last name Papelbon, so yes that's who I meant.

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