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64. Samoa Joe.

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Samoa Joe.


Match Quality: The large majority of his matches I've seen are obviously in TNA. Against the right workers, Joe can look very good. And he turned my opinion on his selling abilities by dragging Steroid Steiner to a respectable match. But, at times in the many Styles/Daniels matches, it's noticeable that he can't keep up. That's why I don't agree with the BEST WRESTLER EVER stuff. I've seen the Kobashi match, and while it's good, I've never been high on the OMG STIFF~ stuff. But, if given time, and not stupid squashes, he can work very good matches. 22/25


Sexxiness: His face is really ugly. And he's fat. But, he's not the ugliest wrestler, so he gets some points.5/35


Character/Charisma/Crap: He's fat, hideous, talks like a nerd... and is put over as the biggest monster there is. Horrible. As in it's just completely not believable. And it's even worse when he's always against small X-Division guys, or a sloth like Steiner, as it's purposely done to make Joe look like he has the advantage. If he's up against someone like Monte Brown, the only acceptable thing is Joe running scared for 5 seconds until getting blown up.


This is why TNA and ROH and whatever will only be catered to loser smarks. Who want to see a very imperfect looking man, just like them, be the ultimate killing machine. I'm not saying Joe should be a low-card comedy act... but, there must be some middle ground here. That's why I hate watching Joe. 0/40


27% for Samoa Joe. Almost all of which is not his fault, though. So, he doesn't fail. He'd be one of my favorites if he was used in a more proper way.

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I don't think Men between the ages of well, ANY AGE, mind looking at an "imperfect man" It's certainly a lot easier on the eyes considering he is wrestling a good match, rather then say some body builder like Chris Masters having another DUD. I am not sure why "Sexxiness" is even a consideration in your ratings, unless you are doing your ratings from a "female fan's perspective" Trying to represent the viewpoint of what most females want in a wrestler.

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It's ratings from my perspective.


And Joe's look is certainly a reason why smarks love him more.


Just like most of you kids who insult Orton for being gay, amongst other various things.

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As a Smark I can honestly say I can careless what a wrestler looks like, if they can work a match. I mean Chris Candido had a "body builder" physique and I didn't knock the guy any points for that.


Like I said, they are your ratings so I can't make too much of a stink of it, but I do tend to think that a lot female fans kind of look at other aspects of wrestlers to cheer for than males.


Example: My girlfriend who is not a wrestling fan watched Raw with me once a long time ago when Venus had been about two months into his Porn Star gimmick. Now, she personally found him to be not attractive at all, but when he came out all you basically heard was high pitched female screaming for him. It's almost like a lot of them thought he was hot merely because WWE writers were basically TELLING THEM TO THINK that because he was a "male porn star" he is "hot"


And the only reason I bring this up is because most male fans I know don't knock women wrestlers for being ugly, as long as they can actually work.....now for the ones who are ugly and CAN'T WORK, that is a different story, but for the ones that can actually put on a good match, it doesn't seem like looks matter.

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