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  1. NoCalMike

    I own this land

  2. NoCalMike

    Covering Coverage

    To be fair though this transformation can probably be blamed on MSNBC execs as much as the anchors themselves, as they have probably figured out that their ratings have gone up while becoming the left's equivelant of Fox News. With the corporate media, it is about ratings and pretty much nothing else.
  3. NoCalMike

    Rock Band!

    I am sure it might come in handy for At The Gates.... Ok so far I am finding it pretty frustrating using the GH WT drumkit with Rockband, mainly because the way the notes were designed, which is of course not the game makers fault as it was designed for an instrument in which the color pattern is different. It just doesn't translate well because of the difference in design, one four drum pads, and the other being 3 drum pads and 2 elevated cymbals, it just feels unnatural for someone who up till today has been a GH player. As far as the game itself, it is awesome, very nice setlist and a lot of fun. Oh and that universal drum pedal, the "Metal Pedal" is a fucking piece of shit, that doesn't work, first off, you have to basically slam the thing so hard to get it to register a bass drum kick that you feel yer gonna break it. It LOOKS cool, but that is where the fun ends. I'll be better off just having my wife return it or exchanging it for a standard GH WT drum kit 2nd bass pedal, of course the package was opened, so I think the best I can hope for is to trade it in for credit towards a new pedal. Oh and lemme know if I have this correct, the cymbal expansion pack for the Rock Band drum kit doesn't actually "add notes" to the drumming it just gives you the option to either hit the cymbal or the same colored drum pad? It will make a different noise depending on which one you hit, but it isn't actually adding notes, correct? That is what I understood from reading the description on Gamestop. So basically they are just there for show...kinda..
  4. NoCalMike

    Rock Band!

    My wife picked me up a 2nd bass pedal in anticipation of eventually getting GH Metallica in a week or two, however are there any songs that utilize double bass(I know you can technically use the double bass pedals whenever you want, but I am speaking of songs that call for it) besides the Metallica game available as DLC for either RB or GHWT?
  5. NoCalMike

    Rock Band!

    Damn I have GH: WT, but after seeing the video of 'don't stop believing" I wanna get Rock Band 2 RIGHT NOW!!!!
  6. NoCalMike

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    I watched about an hour of it via www.watch-movies-links.net last night. It was decent enough, I was planning on watching the rest tonight, but it looks like the links for it have been taken down....
  7. NoCalMike

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    It's twice as funny because Dana White is probably just as full of bullshit.
  8. NoCalMike

    The Republican "Budget"

    If THAT is what the Dems are up against, they have no excuse for not getting their agenda passed.
  9. NoCalMike

    UFN 18 - Condit vs. Kampmann

    So this is how the Miller v. Browning fight went.... Rogan: "Browning has really improved since the show, just look at his striking compared to before" Goldberg: "He's working out with Extreme Couture, you can just tell in his footwork how better he is now" Rogan: "Browning, basically called out Miller as being overrated before the fight" *30 seconds later* Miller def Browning via choke Rogan: "Browning has all the upside in the world, he really has a bright future in this sport"
  10. NoCalMike

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    Tomorrow morning before work I'm stopping buy Arco Arena's box office to pick up a set of Faber v Brown II tix. EDIT: Well good for me that I live so close to the box office, $40 scored me LOWER LEVEL seats......Fuck yeah!!!
  11. NoCalMike

    Guitar Hero: METALLICA

    I guess one cool thing about the 2nd bass pedal is once it is plugged in, it works for whenever you want to use it, even if a song doesn't specifically call for double-bass patterns. I wonder if you can use double-bass on WT if you want to. Oh and since Metallica mainly only uses double-bass in small spots of their songs, I wonder if this is a sign we might get some DLC of more extreme metal songs that will utilize double bass even more!!!
  12. NoCalMike

    Covering Coverage

    What's with the right's sudden insistence that dissent under the guise of free speech be recognized? It was as recent as the a few years ago where they were calling liberals treasonous and terrorist loving apologists because they spoke out against the President's policies, now the coin has flipped and they are suddenly 1st amendment advocates. It's quite hilarious...... Personally I am all for free speech, I just find it highly hypocritical that Obama's in in office for barely a couple of months and the likes of Glen Beck are calling for a "revolution"
  13. NoCalMike


    I love the show so far, I am only halfway in to Season 2 so I really don't want to read most of this thread until I catch up. I have the first 2 seasons on DVD and as soon as Season 3 gets a release date I will be preordering it....
  14. NoCalMike

    14 year old arrested for Child Porn

    If she was just having sex with her boyfriend(assuming he was the same age) or blowing him or flashing him etc etc....there is no crime perse, I believe, however because she used a camera it is suddenly child porn? WTF.....
  15. NoCalMike

    The Republican "Budget"

    The Republican budget is just more of the same of the the philiosophy that has ruined our economy with bubbles for the last 30 years, cut the taxes at the top, cut spending everywhere possible, free trade, deregulate everything. Basically, get the wealthy more wealthy so the GDP numbers look great, claim how awesome the economy is even though wages for the working class are dropping, this country is exporting more jobs, etc etc. AKA - NO NEW IDEAS. I love when I watch conservative pundits talking about "you people need to get angry and start a revolution" I mean, I am thinking to myself, umm you dipshit, the country just elected an african-american president, whose rhetoric on the issues is way to the left of anything we've heard in the last thirty years, not to mention two years ago we the democrats a majority in the house and senate. I think the people DID GET ANGRY and they DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It's as if the pundits on FOX NEWS forgot that we just had an election where the vast majority of people elected people into this government that disagree with their politics, issues, and economic philiosophy. Wake the fuck up asshole(s)......*staring in Hannity and Beck's direction*