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  1. Great to hear from you, Damien! How are the wife and kids? Oh, probably not the best thread to ask that in
  2. bob_barron

    John Cena

    How is life, Damien?
  3. bob_barron

    RAW 2/25/2013

    Really excited. Thanks for starting the thread, Twisted
  4. I thought you weren't allowed to say fag at TSM anymore. CWM doesn't seem to want me back and if there's one thing I'm known for during my years of posting on message boards, it's agreeing with the administration in charge.
  5. I applaud you, Damien. Why post at a board that everyone went to, when you can help relaunch TheSmartMarks 2.0? Many years from now, you will be looked as a hero of internet message boarding on a board that was one primarily geared toward discussion of professional wrestling.
  6. Go to the moderating team and pm Mike or admin. I pmed him, but no response. Maybe you'll be a more persuasive voice. I added him on AIM but have not seen him on. Where are you Mike?
  7. bob_barron


    Does it disappoint you that Cena does not have a son, so he cannot Benoit him?
  8. bob_barron

    Sam Barron on vh1!

  9. bob_barron

    Top Secret Savage Bio

    Dig it?
  10. bob_barron

    Top Secret Savage Bio

    Twisted Intestine, this is forums.thesmartmarks.com, we spell out pretty.
  11. bob_barron

    How do you determine the best team?

    Hmmmm, you raise some good points, Damien. I may be turning a corner!
  12. I pmed Mike. Let's get this going. And lol, Mr. S£im Citrus. What a mark. And a nigger too. Who writes in teal!
  13. bob_barron

    Elimination Chamber

    That's what I call the place where I gas Jews.
  14. bob_barron

    Elimination Chamber

    Everyone share their thoughts!