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  1. mysterious_w

    WWE Raw - September 8, 2008

    Charlie Hass and his "I really love my present endeavours" run is one of the best things on TV.
  2. mysterious_w

    Puroresu comments

    Obviously their latest Sumo Hall show is not going to do as well as NOAH's Budokan Kobashi return sell-out, but with the card they've already stacked up it'll easily draw 10,000, if not 12,000. With any big show that you are promoting, you have a excellent main event that'll get 75% of the fans in (See Nakamura/Tanahashi or Nagata/Angle), then you thow extra matches in that'll fill some extra seats (See Goto/Muta, for those who love the Muta schtick). The Sumo Hall main event is as appealing as both the Dome shows efforts combined, and the Tag Team title match and Nagata/Goto will get in the extra fans as Muta/Goto did for 1/4. 10k guaranteed.
  3. mysterious_w

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    I know for the majority of last year ECW was got the best ratings of anything on the channel, is that still the case? Because there's no way the new head of the channel is going to drop the highest rated show for 2 years running, that's career suicide.
  4. mysterious_w

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    For god's sake, it's the easiest booking going. Have him win at RR (fans go wayhey and watch RAW), then have him drop it back to Orton at No way Out via screwjob (fans hate Orton even more and will watch RAW and buy WM to see whoever wins the RR depose him). Then have Jeff Hardy win the MITB and fans buy every PPV in the hope that it'll be the time their hero Jeff Hardy cashes it in and gets his title back.
  5. mysterious_w

    Moments that irritated you

    You know while I've been at university, the only time someone's walked in on me watching wrestling has been Morishima vs Danielson or Hashimoto vs Norton. I think I've been pretty lucky.
  6. mysterious_w

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    I know I wasn't watching the Hardys in OMEGA, so maybe I can't really compare, but godamn I loved them as the Hardy Boys (yes, with an s) against Too Much (when Brian Christopher was man-loving, not dancing) on WWF Shotgun back in 1998 when I was 9. If Jeff wins the title at RR (Even I think it's a probable 4/1 shot), I will mark out like no tomorrow. Seriously, it will beat RVD beating Cena, HBK coming back (I started watching wrestling 6 months after WM14, and I knew I'd missed something good), Mankind winning the title, every mark out moment I've ever had.
  7. mysterious_w

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    Think back to July this year, it's unbelievable to think now that 6 months later Santino and Orton are vying for best heel in the company (Santino is still providing gold, while Randy's "I kicked him where his appendix used to be" line makes me <3 him for at least another couple of months).
  8. mysterious_w

    Puroresu comments

    You're an idiot. Watch the Dome Show main-event matches again. I could maybe buy the opinion that Nakamura performed better than Angle that night (though I personally think the other way round), but if you're telling me that Angle sucked in his match and Nakamura was outstanding, then you're a fool.
  9. mysterious_w

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    I rank her 2nd, sometimes even 1st (she flip flops with Maria).
  10. mysterious_w

    12/31/07 Raw Spoilers

    For those who downloaded RAW (or have a way to look back on it now somehow), look at HBK's *Generic walking down the corridor cause I got a match* bit just after the Flair video package. He doesn't look too good on those legs, how screwed are his knees?
  11. mysterious_w

    WWE Roster: Age Analysis

    Undertaker being 42 shocked me, was sure he was 50. Oh well, the guy can go for at least 4 more years then.
  12. mysterious_w

    Future WWE Main Eventers

    Davey Richards is 5' 6". The only guys anywhere near that height with ME success are Eddie (5' 8", roided til it killed him, and charisma dripping out of his pores (well, that and nandrolone)), and Rey Mysterio, who got where he did because of one guy dying, and had every Hispanic rooting for him by default. Not a chance.
  13. mysterious_w

    2008 Wrestling Dead Pool

    Inoki? No, he's gonna hang around til his 90's.
  14. mysterious_w

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    Hey, I saw that link on another board, and the uploader asked it not to be shared so as not to get TOS'd removed. Nice. :/
  15. mysterious_w

    Original ECW Taping Dates vs Hardcore TV Airing Dates

    I know RVD's debut was at the supercard House Party 96, which was the 5th Jan 1996