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  1. Nate

    The "Vent about not having Program X on 24/7" Thread

    well in whats becoming a bi monthly thing with Comcast, no 24/7 update as of this posting and every time I unsubscribe it gets updated, might be time to go Mona Shaw on them
  2. Nate

    WWE Raw - September 1, 2008

    I'd mark for that, I got money saying he drops it to Primo Colon around or after Survivor Series though
  3. Nate

    WrestleMania 25

    here's what I would like to see for WM 25 off the top of my head: World Heavyweight title: Batista © vs CM Punk vs John Cena WWE Title: Triple H © vs Undertaker ECW Title: John Morrison © vs Evan Bourne Divas Champ vs Women's Champ: Natayla vs Beth Phoenix Money In the Bank: Kofi Kingston vs Shelton vs MVP vs The Miz vs Matt Hardy vs Umaga Last Man Standing: HBK vs Jericho Jeff Hardy vs Mark Henry and of course the preshow battle royal with everyone left over
  4. Nate

    WWE Raw (8/4/08)

    ok with the Kofi/Mickie vs Beth and Santino I know its winner takes all, but does that mean say if Santino pinned Mickie James he'd become the Women's champ or what
  5. Nate

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    that should be very good, I'm sure they'll wind up showing at least 2 or 3 Starrcade's, his best matches in Legends and maybe in Shorties some forgotten matches of his career
  6. Nate

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    with the change in the graphics, I think they need to completely revamp the logos for the stuff like MNW, HOF and the Territory stuff
  7. Nate

    Legends Programming

    the opening for the HOF profile show has changed to include JR, Dusty, Lawler and Mr Perfect
  8. Nate

    Carl's Jr. & Hardee's

    I wish we had a Sonic's and/or Jack In the Box in Bloomington, Illinois but we got the usual fast food fodder
  9. Nate

    Fuck You Bennigan's You're Dead

    wait is Bennigan's closing up or something, I havent had too many bad experiences with the food at resturants, one time a few years back I ate a Turkey Club at Steak and Shake and the next day I was sick as hell, I think its moreso you need to learn what makes you sick when you eat at resturants and not order that again then a couple years back I ate at a resturant called Chevy's Fresh Mex, lets just say I had Fresh Mex comin out the back of me later that night and so did my mom and her friend, and in terms of shitty service a few years ago me, my mom and her friends went to Denny's and we waited 45 minutes for the food, then the next week we went back and after 10-15 minutes of waiting to order we basically just said fuck this and left
  10. Nate

    The Youtube Thread

    some old school Dragon Gate from 2004 to decide their first Triangle Gate champs: Crazy Max (CIMA, TARU, Shingo) vs Aagan Iisou (Takuya Sugawara/Shuji Kondo/"brother" YASSHI) http://youtube.com/watch?v=m1cKbj-_Rzo Italian Connection (Milano Collection AT/YOSSINO (or more better known these days as Mastao Yoshino)/Anthony W. Mori) vs. Do Fixer (Magnum TOKYO/Dragon Kid/Genki Horiguchi) http://youtube.com/watch?v=_LFgY2AIvlY Crazy Max vs Do Fixer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Xru_FqRMBT4 Italian Connection vs Final M2K (Masaaki Mochizuki/Susumu Yokosuka/K-ness) http://youtube.com/watch?v=CKHGufUs444
  11. Nate

    Essential Starrcade

    well here are my picks 1983-1988: Harley Race vs Ric Flair Tully Blanchard vs Ricky Steamboat Tully vs Magnum TA Arn and Tully vs The Road Warriors 1989-1994: Sting vs Great Muta Steiners vs Muta and Mr Saito Dustin Rhodes vs Steve Austin Sting vs Vader Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne vs. Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce 1995-2000: Sting vs. Kensuke Sasaki Dean Malenko vs Ultimo Dragon Rey Mysterio vs Jushin Liger 3 Count vs Jung Dragons vs Noble and Karagis Hogan vs Sting
  12. Nate

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    TNA really should put together a DVD of all the World X Cup matches from 2004 till now
  13. Nate

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    any word if the Summerslam Anthology set will be released in four parts like the Rumble and Mania ones were
  14. Nate

    ECW on Sci-Fi (7/8/2008)

    to be honest I really dont think Atlas Dabone or Chris Harris's fault, I dont think Armando is the best way to debut new guys and I vote for Harris's name to be Braden Walker (Texas Ranger)
  15. Nate

    The "Vent about not having Program X on 24/7" Thread

    I've told them this God knows how many times and they always pass the buck and say OH YOU NEED TO CONTACT WWE ABOUT THIS, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG ON OUR END type bullcrap, its just to the point where its not even worth it anymore