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  1. zappafrank

    The Hall of JTTS

    I always thought that guys like Scotty 2 Hotty and Val Venis exemplified JTTS during the end of their runs with WWE. Jobbers are the guys who elicit the reaction "Who is this guy?" JTTS's are the guys who elicit the reaction "He's still employed?" JTTS job on RAW, Nitro, SD, etc. But they win in dark matches, on Velocity and Worldwide, etc. In this day and age your typical jobber is probably the champ of your local fed. It's all a matter of exposure.
  2. zappafrank

    Monday Night Wars

    I was actually concerned about how the early days of Nitro will go since we're getting close to the Horsemen reformation, which obviously is Benoit/Woman heavy (everyone's talking about Benoit getting edited out, but don't forget that they took Woman out completely of the History of ECW, too). How quickly did Nitro take over the flagship spot? Did a lot of storyline development still happen on WCWSN for a while, or did they shift almost immediately over to the Nitro?
  3. zappafrank

    Ridiculous old school rumors

    Didn't this turn out to be the Goldberg heel turn? It was intended to be the announcement of Mandalay Sports Entertainment buying WCW for 600 mil which would have put them in a spot to potentially finally kill off Vince's company for good...that fell through, so they went on with the Goldberg turn. I thought the Mandalay deal was closer to 2001, while the heel turn was GAB 2000 (June).
  4. zappafrank

    Ridiculous old school rumors

    Didn't this turn out to be the Goldberg heel turn?
  5. zappafrank

    Tazz has left WWE?

    The History of ECW shows on 24/7 won't be as fun without the wacky interplay b/w Tazz and Styles.
  6. zappafrank

    WWE Encyclopedia

    Here's a few off the top of my head who had very limited time: Key (Vic Grimes) Stephanie's trainer Buff Bagwell Mad Maxine Scott Hudson
  7. zappafrank

    WWE Raw - March 23, 2009

    A few times last night, for the 1st time I can recall I actually was wondering, "OK, is all of this really necessary?"
  8. zappafrank

    WWE Raw - March 23, 2009

    Yeah, I thought that was all pretty low of them to do, even if Jeff and Matt agreed to it. This whole WM doesn't seem to have a very "fun" atmosphere about it. So much of it is pretty dark.
  9. zappafrank

    WWE Raw - March 23, 2009

    So how exactly was last night's ending PG again? It actually got a bit uncomfortable to watch after a bit.
  10. zappafrank

    Moments So Contrived

    Now that I think about it, I've always felt that the whole concept, formation, and execution of Evolution was contrived. It just didn't seem natural at all, and was obviously "HHH trying to have 4 Horsemen glory."
  11. zappafrank

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    In a different twist on the "It's not the 25th anniversary till next year" deal, do you think anyone actually had the balls to point out the obvious to Vince?
  12. I was at a sports bar for SummerSlam 99, and one of the loudest pops of the evening was when Test pinned Shane for the 3 count in the Love Her or Leave Her match. I know it might seem overstated, but for that match and that moment Test was mega-over.
  13. zappafrank

    Moments So Contrived

    RVD, we're looking at you.
  14. zappafrank

    Wrestling Quirks

    I've never understood why the crowd pops so hard when a face wins a title match via DQ or count-out. What's the point of winning the match (esp. when it's nothing you did that won the match for you) if you didn't win the title? See: Luger vs. Yoko, Summerslam '93
  15. zappafrank

    Botches that actually improved matches

    I have to disagree here. I remember that when Brock faced Big Show at the prior Survivor Series, I was thinking it would be then when he would bust out the SSP, with Big Show being so heavy to get into position for the F5. But it was also around that time when I started saying to my friends, "Angle/Brock is the WM money match, just watch." So when the match did happen, it was all kinds of epic in my opinion. We all knew Brock could hit the SSP (there had been footage floating around of him in OVW nailing it), so when he went up at the end for the coup d'grace, it should have been a moment for the ages. Instead, it came across as someone who was trying something he couldn't do, and it really deflated the whole aura of the match. We all know it's worked, but when a move that's so contrived doesn't deliver, it kind of shatters the illusion.