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    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    Michael Bay Wants Welker for Soundwave Michael Bay has made this post on his official message board in response to pleas from the fans about Frank Welker doing the voice of Soundwave in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, considering he won't have the chance to voice Megatron again (Hugo Weaving is reprising that role): I think I'm going to pursue Frank on Soundwave. Michael http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=53595
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    Pictures I Like

    It's Helen Mirren.
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    Pictures I Like

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    Broadway Brett beats retirement!

    Packers will not release Favre FoxSports.com's Jay Glazer and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel both report that the Packers would "never" release Brett Favre, as he requested Friday. They would rather trade him or make him Aaron Rodgers' backup. Favre won't back up anyone, but the Packers won't just give away Favre for free. Glazer writes that Favre was set to un-retire in late March, with both GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy's approval. The Packers even chartered a jet for Favre to announce his return, but Favre changed his mind yet again two days before the scheduled announcement. The Packers then smartly decided to move on. This helps explain the team's motivations and why they will continue to play hardball http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/8335678/Sources
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    So, "Ring of Hell"...

    Lance Storm reviews Ring Of Hell Ring of Hell June 30, 2008 For those of you who haven’t heard about Ring of Hell yet, it is a recently released book that covers the life and death of Chris Benoit, as well as offering a rather scathing expose on the wrestling business as a whole. Ring of Hell is the first book written by one Matthew Randazzo the 5th and based on this offering I hope his last. When I originally heard about the book I had no intention or interest in reading it. I seldom find books like this offer me anything I don’t already know, or more often than not, tell stories I know to be inaccurate. The only reason I picked up a copy was because a fan I regularly correspond with on my website asked me to read it because the book disturbed him and he wanted my opinion of the book and it’s over all accuracy. The book arrived last Wednesday in the mail and by the second chapter I was ready to throw the thing in the trash. If not for my desire to offer my online friend a complete review and the encouragement of Bryan Alvarez to finish the book (which he has HUGE heat with me for now that I’ve finished) I would have never bothered to finish reading Ring of Hell. Before I get into specifics let me offer this quick over view. Ring of Hell is the Jerry Springer Show of wrestling books. In my opinion it is a complete waste of paper and a HUGE load of crap. Matthew Randazzo the 5th (MR5) is in my opinion a pathetic researcher, a terrible writer, and in several instances, throughout his book, guilty of the same things he condemns the wrestling business for. What I find even more disappointing than the $18 I wasted on this book is that there is in fact a darker side to the wrestling business that can and should be improved upon, but instead of writing a serious expose of the businesses legitimate shortcomings, MR5 seems to sell out and write a sensationalized load of crap in hopes of shock valuing his way into a writing career. I am not saying that there is no truth in this book. There is in fact a fair bit of truth in it, but it is presented very unprofessionally, and in conjunction with a lot of exaggerated, overly sensationalized, and in some cases outright fabricated stories. Had MR5 put in the due diligence to ferret out the real truth and presented it in a professional manner, this could have been a very good book. As it stands it is about as factually based and professional presented as many Jerry Springer episodes. There is one rather scathing story in the book that I know for an absolute fact is incorrect, several that I have heard told by numerous first hand sources that vary wildly from MR5’s accounts and countless tales that are so obviously “bull crap wrestling stories” that the boys always tell, to put over how tough they are or how rough it was when they broke in. I was often reminded, while reading this book, of my favourite Monty Python skit. The skit features four rich guys sitting in a cabana bar drinking cocktails with each trying to top the hardship stories of the other. The climax is a rant by Graham Chapman that goes like this, “Right…. We had to get up in the morning at 10 o’clock at night, half an hour before we went to bed. We had to eat a lump of cold poison, work 29 hours a day down Mill, and pay Mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home our dad would kill us and dance about on our graves singing hallelujah.” To this they would all respond in unison, ”You try and tell the young people of today that, and they won’t believe you.” I guess they should have told their stories to MR5 because if Ring of Hell is any indication, he’d have not only believed their stories but wrote a book about how terribly run the Mill industry was in England. I could go into far more detail about things I hated in this book but I fear to do so might actually create enough interest for you to buy this book, which I whole-heartedly encourage you not to do. If you want to read an accurate wrestling book pick up a copy of “Pain and Passion: The History of Stampede Wrestling” by Heath McCoy, which is my next Book Marks book club selection and is a far better read than Ring of Hell. Before I wrap this up I want to point out one last specific flaw which bothered me the most and I think best represents how poorly researched this book was. Throughout the WCW portion of Benoit’s career MR5 talks endlessly about how horrible and unprofessionally run WCW was and for the most part dumps that blame on Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan. MR5 goes on quite a bit during those chapters documenting how self serving, unprofessional, dishonest, and unreliable both Hall and Nash were. Then in the WWE portion of Benoit’s career when MR5 is burying WWE and what goes on there, he uses endless quotes by Hall and Nash to support those claims. How can an author spend several chapters in his book burying the credibility of two people he actually quotes and uses as major sources of reference in that very book? If I were his editor I’d have thrown the book back at him so fast and so hard he’d still be rolling from the impact of catching the book. Perhaps much like MR5 his editor realized that if he did that they wouldn’t have been able to get this on bookshelves in time to best financially benefit from the Benoit family deaths. I could have sworn that was something MR5 was very critical of the WWE for doing. MR5 or even MR #1 thru #4 are welcome to direct their hate mail to me at: [email protected] Lance Storm http://www.stormwrestling.com/063008.html
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    Random Thoughts

    My bad Didn't see that Thread
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    Random Thoughts

    Lineup for the Mr. Perfect DVD Lineup for the Mr. Perfect DVD, courtesy of Silver Vision Curt Hennig, better known as Mr. Perfect, competed for the American Wrestling Association, World Wrestling Entertainment and World Championship Wrestling. Born the son of legendary Larry “The Axe” Hennig, it was perhaps inevitable that Curt would want to follow in his father’s footsteps. But Mr. Perfect lived up to his moniker becoming one of the best in-ring technicians of his generation. A former AWA World Heavyweight Champion, he was also the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of the 1990s. Loved by fans and friends alike, Mr. Perfect entertained in and out of the ring, earning him the honour of induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. This two-disc set relives his life and career, from his early start as a second-generation star through AWA, WWE, and WCW. Some of his greatest matches and vignettes are included. Who was this man? Here’s a hint… he was absolutely “perfect”. Disc 1 Perfection Twin City Origins Building a Path AWA Mr. Perfect Living up to His Name Intercontinental Champion The Prankster Commentator WCW Return to the WWE A Sudden Tragedy Hall of Fame The Perfect Legacy Lives On Curt Hennig vs. Eddie Gilbert Madison Square Garden (21/11/82) Curt Hennig & Scott Hall vs. Steve Regal & Jimmy Garvin AWA Championship Wrestling (26/11/85) Mr. Perfect Hall of Fame Induction WWE Hall of Fame (31/03/07) “Rap is Crap” Music Video Vignettes Billiards October 1, 1988 Golf – Perfect Putt October 1, 1988 Darts October 8, 1988 Bowling October 8, 1988 Chess October 15, 1988 Basketball October 15, 1988 Ping Pong October 28, 1989 Diving November 4, 1989 Golf – Perfect Drive November 4, 1989 Horseshoes November 24, 1989 Baseball with Wade Boggs December 26, 1992 Football – Perfect Passer with Steve Jordan February 13, 1993 Basketball with Felton Spencer February 27, 1993 Hockey with Mike Modano March 13, 1993 Stories Curt Loved Karaoke Lifestyles of Mr. Perfect Disc 2 60-Minute Time Limit AWA World Heavyweight Championship Match Curt Hennig vs. Nick Bockwinkel AWA Championship Wrestling (15/11/86) Curt Hennig vs. Terry Taylor Commentary By: Michael Cole & Mick Foley WrestleFest (31/07/88) Mr. Perfect vs. Bret Hart Madison Square Garden (24/04/89) WWE Championship Match Mr. Perfect vs. Hulk Hogan Madison Square Garden (15/01/90) WWE Intercontinental Championship Match with Special Referee Roddy Piper Mr. Perfect vs. The Texas Tornado Madison Square Garden (24/11/90) WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect SummerSlam (26/08/91) WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Mr. Perfect vs. Shawn Michaels SummerSlam (30/08/93) Curt Hennig vs. Bret Hart Uncensored (15/03/98)
  8. here is the list 1. Whipper Billy Watson 2. Yvon Robert 3. Killer Kowalski 4. Mad Dog Vachon 5. Earl McCready 6. Gene Kinski 7. Roddy Piper 8. Sky Low Low/ Little Beaver 9. Ben & Mike Sharpe 10. Stu Hart 11. Abudullah the Bucther 12. John & Chris Tolos 13. Stomper Gouldie
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    Random Thoughts

    Nope don't give a damn at all, Why would I care what people have to say about me on message board
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    Random Thoughts

    and do you think I give a damn
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    Random Thoughts

    Johnny Jeter Released source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter WWE has parted ways with former WWE World Tag Team Championship and Spirit Squad member Johnny Jeter. His departure from the company completely fell under the radar, so much so that this news is actually quite a few months old, but wasn't revealed until now. Jeter held the World Tag Team Championship in 2006 due to his partnership with the Spirit Squad as any two members of the five member group could defend the belts at anytime. The group finally lost the belts from the makeshift team of Ric Flair and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper at Cyber Sunday 2006. The group was "killed off" on the November 27 Raw after they were defeated in a 5-on-3 match by DX and Ric Flair. After a triple submission, they were dumped into a large crate stamped "OVW. Louisville, Kentucky," a reference to WWE's developmental league at the time. After the break-up, Jeter made an appearance at the 30-man battle royal on the December 18, 2006 episode of Raw sporting some new wrestling attire. That was his last appearance on WWE television. Jeter returned to Ohio Valley Wrestling in February 2007, where he stayed at least until the fall before his mysterious disappearance from the promotion. Jeter worked a number of dark matches prior to television tapings in August & September, and come October, was brought on SmackDown/ECW's tour of Europe. He debuted under the ring name Jayden Jeter, working matches with competitors of ECW -- all losses. There were some rumors going around saying that WWE had plans to call up Jeter along with some other developmental wrestlers for a faction group in ECW, but it never materialized. ECW formed a "talent exchange" with SmackDown on October 16 and that pretty squeezed out a possible call-up to the main roster for Jeter. Soon after, Jeter stopped appearing in OVW altogether for some reasons unknown, several months before WWE pulled their affiliation from the group. After WWE sent all of the contracted OVW talent to Florida Championship Wrestling, Jeter was the lone wrestler not to make the move. Furthermore, not including The Boogeyman for character reasons (and because he was injured anyway), Jeter was reportedly the only WWE talent to not attend the company's festivities in Orlando WrestleMania weekend. In hindsight, Jeter may have been let go by then, which would explain his absence. After Mike Mondo's release from the company last week following a DUI arrest in Tampa, Kenny Dykstra and Nic Nemeth are the last two remaining former members of the Spirit Squad still under contract to WWE. Mitch (Nick Mitchell) was released over a year ago due to back problems and couldn't do much besides cheer as a result. On the bright side, at least he's involved in a relationship with former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson in Houston. Regarding Kenny Dykstra, considered by most as the group's best prospect, his wrestling career is in a rut to say the least. He suffered a knee injury in January, but was healthy enough to wrestle again in late March. However, the company still has yet to bring back to the roster, and he hasn't been appearing at FCW shows either. Before his injury, he was pretty much being jobbed out on SmackDown on a regular basis anyway. His future with the company remains in question. He also broke up with the one and only Mickie James sometime ago. At the moment, Nic Nemeth appears to have the best potential future out fo all the former members of the group as he had been working a number of dark matches and house shows in recent months under a cocky heel gimmick. It looked like he was on the verge of a call-up to the main roster last month, but WWE still has yet to pull the trigger on him for one reason or another. Also, he hasn't appeared before a WWE crowd in over a month, so that may not be a good sign. Back to Jeter, he started his wrestling career in OVW in 2001, so he was affiliated with the organization for roughly six years. Jeter was under contract to WWE for five years or so, since at least 2003. It remains to be seen if Jeter continues his wrestling career as he has yet to work any indy events.
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    Pictures I Like

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    This Week in Baseball 6/16 - 6/22

    Sidney Ponson to sign with Yankees? http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/8259628/Sources
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    Random Thoughts

    Spirit Squad member Mikey released http://www.wwe.com/inside/news/mikemondoreleased
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    Resident Evil 5

    seems Games Radar has jumped the gun earlier in the day with a new Resident Evil 5 preview. They uploaded a series of screenshots which we've all seen before from the magazine scans, along with a possible hint that there will be online co-op in the title among other things. I've seen that Capcom has denied this preview as being rumors and or speculation, but I figured we should post it just to be safe. However, I've heard from a source that at least one of the new things this preview mentions is indeed true. Unfortunately, I can't expand upon that but take it for what you will. Thanks to Big_Stu who copied the text before Games Radar pulled it and king zell from Neogaf for saving the screens: "Resident Evil 5 takes place in an anonymous country (naming it would only serve to exacerbate issues of racial controversy that arose from last year’s extended trailer) somewhere along the Eritrean/Ethiopian/Kenyan line of active volcanoes. While the beginning of Resident Evil 5 echoes 4’s startling opening there’s one major difference; when Chris enters the village its residents are uninfected. The tranquil start is quite unlike anything else in the series, as up until now we’ve only ever explored locations with hostile inhabitants. Originating deep below the surface, the virus is released due to volcanic activity and turns hosts into maniacs that, crucially, retain all their intelligence and communication skills. Not only are these enemies more intelligent than the Ganados, there are more of them too. Chris is no pushover, but we don’t like his odds. However, something that may play in his favor is the landscape. Resident Evil 5 will expand on two features from 4’s opening level: space and verticality. The days of exploring corridors are over, and, like Carnby’s run of Central Park in Alone in the Dark, Chris is going to have gigantic areas to explore with balconies and rooftops coming in to play thanks to his heightened athleticism. Shifting focus from narrow spaces to large areas has allowed Capcom to up both the number and intelligence levels of enemies, so when you’re running up stairs and ducking in and out of buildings you’ll not only have more people chasing you but enemies who can actually pre-empt your moves and block your way too." "If Resident Evil 4’s Dr. Salvador set your pulse racing, then get ready for a heart-attack. The ante’s been upped, and Chris has two of the bastards to deal with now. While we’ve seen plenty of the ‘Executioner’ - the sack-headed freak with a giant makeshift axe - the first glimpse of an even more terrifying foe reveals a chainsaw-wielding psycho. This guy doesn’t need his fellow villagers to wrestle you to the ground before lopping your head off, he simply needs to charge at you and let those nickel teeth do all the bloody work. Two super-baddies means twice the panic. In the areas where you’re separated from your partner there’ll be one roaming for each player, but when you’re thrown together you’d better have more than one escape route in mind. Resident Evil 5 is far less linear than its predecessors. The open locations have multiple exits to utilize (and hence entrances for the enemies to swarm you) instead of the staple diet of ‘corridor action’ we’ve grown accustomed to. If you really want to stand and fight, make sure you’ve got the weapons to do so." "New to Resident Evil 5’s combat system is the ability to lock to a wall and fire around the corner. Say goodbye to awkward shuffling in order to find a line of sight through a doorway. Strafing is still out, but factor in Chris’ ability to duck and dive with the right stick too and he’s much more agile than Leon. This is just as well, because with a fragile girl in tow you need all the firepower and new skills you can get. Like 4, Resident Evil 5 will appeal to your paternal instincts by asking you to lay down your life for the young lady in need of rescue." "Or should we say maternal? It all depends on whether you’re Player Two or not. Joining Chris’ fight is a new female character. Now that Chris has a partner he needs to keep in constant touch. He has both a Bluetooth headset (and phone) and a walkie-talkie; one is for chatting with the female mercenary and the other for speaking to the outside BSAA contact, Metal Gear Solid codec style. Currently nameless, the mercenary’s inclusion means that, for the first time, you’ll be able to tackle a true Resident Evil game co-operatively online. Like Gears, the entirety of Resident Evil 5 features jump in/jump out gameplay with the AI taking over the reigns of our mysterious female mercenary when you’re playing alone." "Takeuchi also promises, in his own words, varying weather effects and different ‘passages of time’ - which, buried among talk of the importance of light, was taken by many to mean different times of the day. While the action will take place during both day and night, Takeuchi’s true meaning is far more startling." "With all this excitement it’s easy to forget the rest of the package. Resident Evil 5 doesn’t just feature a story; there’s the returning Mercenaries minigame and a whole host of other extras that are still safely under wraps. We’ll admit to being just a wee bit concerned when it was revealed Shinji Mikami would not be heading up the production of Resident Evil 5, but in spite of this loss on the development team the game is looking like the ultimate game of the series. 2009 is going to be the year that every Resident Evil fan’s nasty, bloody and terrifying dreams come true." credit: http://www.the-horror.com/