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    WWE 24/7 Discussion Thread - August 2007

    I didn't feel as if JR was personally knocking the Bulldog. He made it a point at two different times to say he was not meaning to knock the memory of the Bulldog or anything like that, but he was just using him as an example of a talent that was around the company for a long time and kept getting repackaged in the hopes of drawing interest. I've watched the episode a couple of times, and there is nothing in it that tells me JR is trying to insult the Bulldog in any way.
  2. Diamonddust

    WWE 24/7 Discussion Thread - August 2007

    They will. In the roundtable discussion, they made reference to only "Perry, Dean, and Eddie" when discussing their jump. They even showed video of just those three together. No mention of "You Know Who" at all.
  3. Diamonddust

    WWE 24/7 Discussion Thread - August 2007

    I agree with a lot of what you say, but I think you failed to mention that Michael Hayes also gives Bischoff ALOT of props on several subjects, and even numerous times says he would do the same exact thing and doesn't blame him for some of the things he did. Agreed.
  4. Diamonddust

    WWE 24/7 Discussion Thread - August 2007

    The Monday Night Wars discussion is a must see. It quickly turns into the "Let's gang up on Eric Bischoff" show, and to be honest, Bischoff does an amazing job of defending his actions. You'll see a couple of times, though, where Bischoff looks as if he is ready to punch Michael Hayes for what Hayes is rambling on about. The talk on Montreal is also very interesting, especially when Lawler raises the question on whether or not Hart and McMahon had planned it all along. The problem with it, though, is that it doesn't cover a lot of stuff even with a 97 minute run time. The emphasis on the program is how Eric Bischoff ran WCW and his strategy with Nitro, and mostly Hayes doing a lot of bitching about how WCW was trying to put WWE out of business. We get very little in regards to the WWE's plight, especially the role Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon played in the turn around (Which, to me, is one of the key reasons Raw took over the ratings war). Still, it's quite fascinating to watch. Bischoff does a lot of talking, and Hayes does a lot of interrupting. Lawler doesn't say a whole lot, while Ross throws some jabs here and there. Foley, though, does get pretty heated when the whole situation about Bischoff giving away the title change comes up. I found it interesting that Foley brings up the fact Nitro was live in the Georgia Dome while Raw was taped from Worcester, and how Nitro should have destroyed Raw that night. They even play clips of Nitro leading up to the "Finger Poke of Doom", but they don't mention it, even though many see it as the point of no return for WCW. Another interesting thing to watch is how the WWE had to find footage of just Malenko, Guererro, and Saturn together without "You Know Who" in regards to talking about their jump.
  5. Diamonddust

    Brian "Crush" Adams found dead

    Hate to hear it... The first wrestling show I ever attended was during the summer where they had Crush replace Ax on the house shows. Demolition battled The Hart Foundation, and the crowd chanted "We Want Ax" the whole match.
  6. Diamonddust

    Worst indy show you've been to

    I grew up in the Birmingham, Alabama area so I was able to be around some decent indies (Stable organizations, some "name" talent on a consistent basis, good crowds, etc.), but I do remember probably the worst show I've ever seen. I don't remember the promotion, but it was an outlaw group if there ever was one. They were running out of an armory, and really... I don't even know how they were able to get the place. Outside of some horrendous wrestling, they thing that stands out the most is that one of the wrestlers tried to do a spot where he jumped over the ropes and out of the ring. Well, he landed on someone in the crowd and ended up breaking their leg.
  7. Diamonddust

    Favorite Crowd Reactions to Face/Heel Turns?

    When Jim Cornette turned on the Dynamic Dudes. The crowd went nuts for him and the Midnight Express, even though they were "supposed" to be supporting the Dudes.
  8. Diamonddust

    The What If Topic...

    Greetings everyone... this being my first post and all. I've been reading the board for a while, but this thread sparked my interest. Here's one I haven't seen posted: What if Sting didn't get injured in 1990? Some possibilities: -The NWA/WCW wouldn't have had to do the placeholder Luger/Flair feud for as long as they did. -Not sure if the original plan was for Sting to go up at Wrestle War that year, but if he did... they could have kept the Flair/Sting feud going to at least the Great American Bash before making a decision on where to go from there. -After Flair, Sting could have done a proper feud with Sid. Sid has his fair share of criticisms, but at that point in time, a long Sid/Sting feud could have worked quite well as Sid was over and could play the monster to Sting's hero. -The Black Scorpion quite possibly would have never happened. Still, this is WCW we're talking about... so they probably would have found a way to screw things up in the long run. Going back a couple months in time, I still say things would have been different if they had done Flair vs. Funk "I Quit" as the main event for Starrcade instead of the Clash of Champions a month before with either Sting vs. Muta (Basically redoing the Great American Bash 1989, which wouldn't have been a bad thing) or Sting vs. Luger as the second biggest match of the card. It would have allowed the Flair/Funk feud to have the blow-off match on the biggest show of the year, while it still would have given Sting a big enough match to carry enough momentum into the Flair feud (Something the Iron Man tournament was supposed to do).