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  1. tyciol

    Steve Blackman killed Owen Hart

    Why did Blackman do it?
  2. tyciol

    Bret Hart

    I wish it had stayed that way. Congrats on your US championship. Hopefully Sheamus can save this belt.
  3. tyciol

    Randy orton is fucked.

    Wow I didn't know Lance Storm got so much cred.
  4. Don't worry guys, if Punk doesn't get him, Jericho will.
  5. She's got some muscle on her, but honestly, I think Vicky's looking more ripped. She's nowhere near as muss as Glamazon/Katelyn/Natalya
  6. tyciol

    RVDTV Comng soon....

    Pretty successful site, they even have forums now too.