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  1. Around the beggining of 2003, Stephanie got a really bad haircut and looked like she gained some mass (muscle and fat). A lot of us then ripped on her for looking like Chyna Version 2.0, or Vince in drag. Was this all warrented, or just something fun to do? Yes, she did annoy me(even tho she was a face), but I didn't find her to be that fat or muscular. I honestly thought she looked fine, but I did notice the extra weight gain, that is for sure. It's not like she was huge, just big compared to the other current diva's. Personally, I think it might of branched off the fact that Steph suggessted that Nidia should lose weight around that time (when Steph looked around the same size). Stephanie certainly did gain bulk and was looking like Chyna, espcially when she fought The Big Show. Her tits were still legendary, and went well with her bulked up body. They looked ridicoulous on her slim body when she first got them. So maybe it was a good thing that she beefed up a bit. She was never fat, that is for sure. Steph in '03 I don't consider that overweight. Looks a bit like Chyna and, yes, bigger then previous years (2000-2002). But still hot.