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  1. DCH

    Who would you like to see in WWE

    Any reasons? They're all from the same indy/ROH background as CM Punk, and Punk is massive in WWE
  2. DCH

    The OaO ECW thread for 4/28/09

    Anyone else notice the Hammer and Sickle in the background? Looks like he's turning communist.
  3. DCH

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Oh my god I just noticed Shay's panties for the first time in that pic. Dayum. I love the massive size. I'm backing Johnson316cane to take the crown.
  4. DCH

    100 Posts of Solitude

    What the fuck there's a bracket named after me. I am humoured and touched.
  5. DCH

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    Jesus Christ can you get any more obvious?
  6. DCH

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Xavier, are you actually of Somali origin? If so, where do you live now?
  7. DCH

    YO! TSM raps: John Cena in 2009

    John Cena at WM20 was a midcarder feuding with Big Show for the US title. He was also a tweener, rather than a fullblown face.
  8. DCH

    The TSM Fantasy Game - Season Two

    I hate team names. Usernames made them so much easier to track.
  9. DCH

    Who's Tommy

    Judging by his photo he's 9.
  10. DCH

    The TSM Fantasy Game - Season Two

    The Instantly Classic Ultimate Oppurtunistic Straightedge Viperlike Shamans of Tiffany Randy Orton 12m CM Punk 9m Edge 10m Christian 8m John Morrison 8.5m Tiffany 2.5m Total: 50m
  11. DCH

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    Here in Australia its $29.95 for all PPVs WM included. And I'm still gonna stream it if I'm at home (doubt it).
  12. Goldengreek - I'm really going to miss him flaming everyone and crapping all over Cena but i don't cabbageboy. Roho - I don't hate Enigma and I don't know who Roho is.
  13. DCH

    Traveling to England

    See the Imperial War Museum for sure. When I went there I was only there for three days, but the Tower of London, Greenwich, the Globe Theatre etc were all nice places. Also do check out the London Dungeon, it's great fun.
  14. 1. GoldenGreek 2. AmDragFan 1. RoHo 8. Cartman What's with the Enigma hate?
  15. DCH

    The TSM Fantasy Wrestling Game.

    What frustrates me is that I'm within striking distance of the top 10 but I never get there.