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    Recipe Thread

    Hell yeah, its especially interesting how it gives different flavours and effects whether you are frying, roasting, littly cooking, or using it nearly raw, the vast different of the sweetness of roasted garlic, and the heat of raw garlic is amazing. For any garlic lover, I highly suggest Chicken and 40 cloves. Youtube Good eats bulb of the night for the recipe, its amazing.
  2. Moots

    Recipe Thread

    If you dont like mincing garlic, use the back of the knife method, but sprinkle a little salt on the clove, and then just keep pressing the clove with the back of the knife and then dragging the blade a bit. and if peeling garlic is a pain, and you need whole cloves, you can get little rubber tubes you put the garlic in and rol it around, or if you have a silicone jar opener (The flat square kind) just put it between that folded in half and rub and you get the same effect.
  3. Moots

    Recipe Thread

    For the guy who metioned making steak de burgo Garlic powder in any kind of pan sauce is a no no. Garlic Powder needs to to re-hydrate, so unless you plan on simmering that sauce for a while you are going to come up short on flavour. Pan sauces, I'd recommend fresh garlic (Jarred packed in oil in a pinch works) and remember the smaller you chop garlic the more intense the flavour will be.
  4. Moots

    This week in the NBA

    I don't know if this belongs here but did anyone hear the little Browns/Lebron Rumour? http://www.sportingnews.com/blog/firstcuts...ames_first_love? A pic of Lebron in a Browns Jersey? And a comment from that made a good point, how pissed off do you think nike is, that there is a big Reebok logo on that jersey. I mean he's gotta good build for a wide out, and he can jump like a prick but I don't know how well he'd do.
  5. Moots

    Beyond Boyardee

    Surely you aren't talking about my coke/soy/ketchup BBQ sauce? Best rib sauce in the world. Also sir, in regards to you not being able to take ravioli as a serious food, remember that the stuffed dumpling (Ravioli, Perogi, Kreplach, manti, vareniki etc) is featured in almost every country's national cuisine. It's not the ravioli's fault that it was perverted by the mass produced food whore chef boyardee.
  6. Moots

    NHL - January 2009

    I just wanted to point out how low class the leafs are. I mean sure they have no idea what direction they want to head in as a club, but goonery? The game last night showed the 2 very different directions these teams are headed.
  7. Moots

    2008 Stanley Cup playoffs - round deux

    I too am expecting huge things from Kovalev. But I wanted mostly to say as a habs fan I am really impressed with the Kostitsyns thus far. And regarding the highstick, do they call it as when the stick makes contact with the puck, or when the puck leaves the stick. Because if his blade hit the cross bar and thats when the puck left the blade you cant call it a highstick because ultimately his blade would be even with the bar.
  8. Moots

    The Golf Thread - April

    God damn useless canadian golfers. If tiger ends up coming back I am gonna throw up.
  9. Moots

    The Golf Thread - April

    Phil "just got Rolledbyrickelson is gonna choke so hard next round. Ive just got this feeling.....its mostly hate, but some of it is a feeling that phil is going to blow it.
  10. Moots

    The Golf Thread - April

    Guitarist, I almost pissed myself the other day when I saw Rose was co leader, didnt I pick him last year to win for some stupid reason. Two Canadians in contention....I swear to god if Wier and Ames screw this up........ Although 3 leftys in the top 10...Lovin it.....Except Phil Chokesondickleson. As good as he is, he'll choke it up good. I think a lefty, hopefully a Canadian Lefty is gonna take it.