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  1. ForumPro

    The Eliminator

    I DON'T WANNA TO GET ELIMINATED!!!! I ALREADY GOT ELIMINATED ONCE!! Isn't that enough for most people?
  2. ForumPro

    The Old School questions thread

    I have a question. When WCW was still around my big brother told me that Halloween Havoc was originally called Halloween Have It, because if you wanted to have a match, you could have it, at Halloween Have It. Thanks to forums, I was able to learn that he passed on the wrong story to me!!! Did anyone else think this?
  3. ForumPro


  4. ForumPro


    Okay, look. Here's what I would do. Split the money on getting a bed AND the HD TV at once at the same time. That way, everyone gets something, to some extent. It's called compromise. If you need more money, this forum has a board for selling things so you can make up the money you might need by getting rid of things. Thanks for reading!
  5. ForumPro

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    That's not ironical at all. ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine, which is what you were at. Hope this helps.
  6. ForumPro

    Post here if you dislike Will Ferrell...

    Oh I thought that movie was really funny!! All his dates were really ugly and stuff and I think one was a drag queen! One time my friends and me rented it and ever since then we call my friend Eric "Deuce."
  7. ForumPro

    PayPal question

    Oh, I think I get it now. Xfer means Transfer. That makes a lot of sense to me.
  8. ForumPro

    Any questions?

    Actually, no, you're wrong, that's not true in most respects. Orange juice is an acid, well citric acid is an acid, and flouride is a base, and when acids and bases get together, like for a party (I learned this in honors chemistry a couple a months ago), they don't get along and they cancel each other out. It's like a science fair volcano, but in your mouth. Hope this helps. Glad you cleared that up for me.
  9. ForumPro

    So I'm Off To Calgary.

    I would watch this fight and not only would I pay good money, I would also pay bad money, and I would thirdly put it on youtube!! It's like a Battle of the Bands, but instead of bands, it's forum posters like Slim Charles and the Red Baron! Fourthly, I would organize betting and make money on it.
  10. ForumPro

    Any questions?

    I'm looking for feedback. Do you have any feedback or questions?
  11. ForumPro

    Post here if you dislike Will Ferrell...

    WILL FARRELL IS HA-LARIOUS!!!! Remember when he was in that elf movie?? It was great! My favorite Will Farrell movie, in a lot of respects, would probably have to be ''Anchor Man'' because it was a classic and heartfelt send-up of the news in the 1970s San Diego scene. it's the kind of movie I can quote all day all night with my friends, and one of the most fascinating nuances and aspects of the movie is that it transcends typical lines! It's the kind of movie that everyone can love, whether you're a "whinin' cheese" looooser or a computer kid like me or a star JV quarter back and his buds or even if you're black! I'm always on the lookout for more Will Farrell. I wonder where he got his start.
  12. ForumPro

    Campaign 2008

  13. ForumPro

    Low Carb Dieting....what are rules?

    Have you tried other exercises yet? I heard that you could get a lot of results from
  14. ForumPro


    It's funny, in alot of ways, because one day it was working just fine and then the same day but later it wasn't! I don't have all the answers when it comes to forums. I just do the best I can. I've said this alot: I AM NOT CLAIMING TO BE A PROFESSIONAL AT FORUMS. I'M JUST IN FAVOR OF FORUMS, LIKE PRO-LIFE OR PRO-CHOICE. There's a big difference in the aspects and subtle nuances of being a forum professional and pro-forum, but unfortunately ProForum was already taken when I signed up here, as it is at many boards acrost the Internet.
  15. ForumPro

    PayPal question

    PayPal is an interesting setup to me in many ways. Here's what I would do. Okay, check youre bank statement. Is there anything about PayPal on there? If not, consult your banker. Does he have anything about PayPal in your records? This might be the sort of thing you have to sit down and talk out with another human, which is ironical because PAYPAL IS FOR DOING THINGS OVER THE INTERNET!