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  1. I remember another time Dames banned him, as Boo Bradley, he posted a really graphic picture of an abortion with no warning whatsoever. The thread title was something innocuous and vague, like.."Whoa." or "Fucked up" or something.


    We'll never ban the guy now. He's somebody.


    It was a link to www.stephenhawkings.com that redirected randomly to an abortion picture, after several disgusted replies, I posted "Who supports abortion now?" Which is ironic since my opinions on that subject have changed alot since 2003. Plus the intention of the thread was to shock people, not to spread a message.

    Fuck messages.





    BTW my Dad's being rushed to the emergency room for surgery as we speak, and I'm typing at TSM, about a mile from the hospital instead of going to offer moral support.


  2. 09-19-2005 - Two fat associates are upset with me. Nobody cares though, because they're fat, dumb, and ugly. One is so fat, that she is 8 months pregnant, and I had no idea. I should have assumed she was pregnant though, because dumb ugly people are always reproducing.





  3. 07-27-2005 - So an associate took a shit in the family restroom, which only has one toilet. He came out and said "There's no toilet paper left in there." and walked off. I thought about it for a second and realized the odds of him just happening to have the exact amount of toilet paper he needed was pretty slim. He walked off and went back to work, but I'm convinced his ass was not cleansed.


    7-28-2005 - I helped an old Amish looking couple find an electric skillet. They inquired about the brand of the skillet and how it was. The lady working the department chimed in and said "It's a good brand, and it's made in the USA too." I found that to be unbelievable, so I checked the box. While the profits are probably made in the USA , the product is made in China . I knew Wally World wouldn't sell anything made here. That would cost the consumer extra money and create American jobs, and Americans are too lazy to work.



  4. I believe he was actually banned for his comments about Mole's dead mother.


    no Dames posted shortly after and said "your on your last chance" or whatever.. Then everyone went nutz that I wasn't banned



    Oh crap that reminds me of my fake suicide post i made and then purposely went without posting for a few weeks, then randomly came back.... Many calls were made for my head!

  5. 07-23-2005 - It's amazing what people can successfully market. From Larry the Cable Guy, to a singing wall mounted bass fish. Now they actually have a mounted deer head that sings and moves its mouth. You would think people would realize how dumb these things are, but apparently the welfare recipients who utilize the layaway department find them absolutely critical to survive because they are all over in the layaway bins. These people vote.



  6. Alias:


    AndrewTheGiant (2001/02 yellow board with Kieth)






    and a few more I can't recall I'm sure



    Great moments in Brody posting history


    Wet Dreams!!!


    Drunken Gay Sex


    Shitting in the Shower


    Shitting my boxers


    Wetting my bed


    My greatest infamy will go down as the poster who started "unzips pants" as a running joke

    This was the 1st post after Mole made a thread about finding a picture of his recently dead mother and dog.

  7. A bad night in my wrestling history. Hogan and Rock had both just come back and my buddy and I were on opposite side's of complete markdom for Hogan and Rock. We went to the brand new Resch Center in Green bay to see a SD! taping figuring Hogan and Rock would be there to build the feud. I even dressed in Hogan garb:




    Anyways the bastards only had Rock do a Titan Tron promo, and Hogan didn't even do that much.


    Rock had a great line about "On one side of the ring, you have one of the most charismatic, most successful, most iconic superstars of ALL TIME...and on the other side...you have Hulk Hogan"