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  1. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Flair/Piper fight

    Amazing random bump
  2. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Comments that which don't warrant a thread

    Why the fuck is Robert Irvine doing a Jerry Springer knock off show?
  3. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Worst Presidential Candidates

    Holy shit. Trump.
  4. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Ask Leena...

    Can we make love?
  5. BruteSquad_BRODY

    WON Notes for Dec 27th

  6. BruteSquad_BRODY

    POTY 2015: The Finals

    An unprecedented number of ties in the semis has left us with a crowded finals field. Far better than any NCAA tourney Marvin beating Barron was the only clear win in the lower brackets.
  7. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Marvin Love

  8. BruteSquad_BRODY

    WON Notes for Dec 27th

    Only took 10 years for Joe to sign.
  9. BruteSquad_BRODY

    WWE RAW 3/30/15

    Forgot to make a thread last night. Had an all time great chat here with the others. http://forums.thesmartmarks.com/chat/flashchat.php Marvin was a wildman firing puns left and right that had us all rolling. Queen LeeLee dropped by to share some hot newds. Venkman brought his casual racism and Barron shared some pics of him and disinterested celebrities. All and all a classic night. Oh and Brock was awesome on the tube as well.
  10. BruteSquad_BRODY

    POTY Tournament Rd 1: Dandy vs. Brody

    The pariah vs. the BOSS
  11. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Where's Leena.

    Careful Marvin, Leena is like Beetlejuice, say her name 3 times and she'll appear.
  12. BruteSquad_BRODY

    POTY Tournament Rd 1: redjed vs Venkman

    mod vs racist in another epic battle
  13. Both men had a stellar year here so far. Can't wait to see who gets the people to rally behind them.
  14. Yesterday, I got a 5 pack of blank CD's to record audio from my computer on. The promblem is that I don't have a CD Burner. All I have is a CD/DVD Rom Drive on my computer. I downloaded a bunch of CD Burning Software but they all say I need a CD Burner. So my question is is there any software I can use to create CD's just using my DVD-Rom/CD-Rom drive? And if not, what is the best CD Burner to buy at a low price? The least expensive CD Burner? Any help would be apperciated. Thank You.
  15. BruteSquad_BRODY

    The Gnomes...Strike Back