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  1. Mike

    Leena's Resignation

    I totally agree! Not only confusing, but long lasting, starting prior to April 1st and ending after it too.
  2. What should this folder be called?
  3. Mike

    Leena's Resignation

    I can look them up, but that takes extra time. What were some of the obvious ones?
  4. Mike

    About ''About Mike''

    Haha... Thats funny. I am deff taking that as a compliment after what has gone on in the last 72 hours. I needed it!
  5. Mike

    About ''About Mike''

    Mike Jones!
  6. Mike

    My Conversation With Mike

    The server and archives aren't going anywhere... Servers got 18 months in contract. If you guys had the files on your desktop you wouldn't know what to do with them anyways. Go read up on MySQL, thats what the forums are stored in...
  7. Mike

    My Conversation With Mike

    The Gulag is free reign for whomever and whatever they have to say. Go for it! Make sure you bring up my momma in some jokes and also my dog. Also thanks for modifying my words some to make things appear worse for me. Honesty at its best!
  8. Mike

    Leena's Resignation

    April Fools everyone! Tomorrow everything will be like it was a week ago... Not really.
  9. Mike

    Leena's Resignation

    Your the last I am waiting for you to do something ban-able. Keep your calm in site feedback and you can hang around and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
  10. Mike

    Leena's Resignation

    Yes I did it. Whats been done is done. Move on. Good question!
  11. Mike

    Leena's Resignation

    You run the site! And we are giving you feedback. Member suggestion: Don't tamper with people's private messages. The server is in contract for 18 more months so the sites not going anywhere. The only changes may be if someone comes in to be the new leaders or a similar deal.
  12. Mike


    Last warning for everyone. This is site feedback, not site debate. Take your arguments to the Gulag.
  13. Mike


    I am not going to argue with you all over things, especially in this folder. Take it to the Gulag area, or your own forum, but not in this area. Grow up and move on.
  14. Mike

    So... what happened?

    Leena, if you wouldn't mind, lets clean up a few things around here. I am still working on the details for a transfer, but in the mean time, lets clean up some and get back to our normal day to day events here. I have had several comments about how those topics shouldn't have made there way to the public.
  15. Mike

    Not Deleting Peoples PMs

    If everyone would read the rules... 500+ PMs were sent out regarding that site, well above the normal. If that isn't spamming, then I don't know what is. If i could have "unsent" all the emails which went out a few weeks back I would have, but I can't. You should feel privaleged the accoutns used to send out all the PMs haven't been banned yet.