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  1. WrestlingFan316

    The Ultimate Warrior Launches Internet Reality Site

    you won't think its an understatement when he is getting over millions of views on youtube.......
  2. Professional wrestling's most energetic, iconic and intense personality has launched a website that has fans in a frenzy. The Ultimate Warrior will bet back into the ring after 10 years removed on June 25th in Barcelona, Spain. This event is one of the most talked about news events to effect professional wrestling in many years. UltimateWarriorTV.com will be the site where fans can access exclusive footage of Warrior training physically, mentally and spiritually in a way unparalleled. No man has ever stepped into the ring and created the excitement for fans that Warrior did. That excitement has been brought to your home computer where you can view footage from the man named Warrior as he entertains the world with his colorful personality and wisdom that is often imitated, but never duplicated. Warriors agent, Bernie J. Gernay from PSI Marketing Group, stated "This is going to be the greatest internet reality site on the planet. We launched UltimateWarriorTV.com because millions of fans want all they can get of him. With Warrior, you always get more than you expected including, of course, the unexpected. That is what makes Ultimate Warrior the commodity he is." For recent video of Warrior introducing the launching of the site plus commentary please visit the following link: