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    Have I Lost My Mind?
  1. I get Benoit. But how the FUCK are you going to say "Fuck Eddie Guerrero"? Fuck YOU, ya cunt.
  2. Love Bret as a wrestler. As a person, he's a big fucking baby who needs to grow the fuck up already.
  3. Noah

    Best victory celebrations

    Benoit & Eddie definitely is number one. Mick's first Title win is 2nd for me.
  4. Lotsa Foley stories. Mines no different really. Got to meet him at a signing at a Western Amusement Park here in Hell (Phx). This was October of 2000, when he had his head shaved/short hair. Got to shake his hand, get his autograph and a picture. I told him how much I appreciated all he's done for the business, to which he responded "Well thank you very much young man" (I was 18). Great times.
  5. Noah

    Hogan/Austin: The Thread

    Neither one. Both are GIANT fucking pieces of shit IMO. Fuck both those cunts.
  6. Noah

    What the fuck, weather?

    Fuck the fucking heat.
  7. Noah

    So, "Ring of Hell"...

    This sounds like one hell of an interesting book. I think I will definitely check it out, along with Bret's book too.
  8. Noah

    Random Thoughts

    The pictures of the post-makers over on that Fan Nation.... They're such typical child-like John Cena marks....
  9. Noah

    News You Can (barely) Use

    Yeah, I read that on another board I'm on. I wouldnt've been upset had JR chosen to retire.
  10. Noah

    What are you listening to right now?

    A Lot Like Me - Offspring (fucking LOVE this song)
  11. Noah

    Tim Russert dead

    Olbermann should be the replacement. RIP Russert, you never did anything to anyone.
  12. Noah

    George Carlin dead

    RIP George. You were always one of my favourites.