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  1. chrislatimer

    Foley in ROH Part Deux

    flairs not staying though is he. i thought it was only a 5 shot deal. and roh tried something simliar didnt they with cornette and pringle in 2006 i think
  2. chrislatimer

    1994 WCW

    wcw pre hogan in 1994 was still rather regional and didnt feel except for flair like a big deal. sure the were a few good tihngs, cactus jack being one steamboat and austin being an other but it werent untill hulkamania went south that wcw picked up and his feud with flair. not witstanding the silly tonya harding rip off angle with the pipe was darn enjoyable
  3. chrislatimer

    The Shoot Interview Thread

    lets gets the shoot sharing starting again shall we. heres a few to get started anyone else wanna chip in feel free. more the merrier. ringside with vader kc ringside with vader harry smith shoot harry smith rf shoot godwinns shoot godwinns rf shoot gabes book of roh secrets gabes book of roh secrets guest booker jerry jarrett guest booker these are all my own uploads i have access to lots more but i wanna see if anyone else wants to share 1st enjoy
  4. chrislatimer

    workers who get called great but you disagree

    I understand your points , but i have never been able to see the greatness in dusty rhodes
  5. chrislatimer

    workers who get called great but you disagree

    In the 1970s, he toured. He main evented in the AWA, Florida, Georgia, Mid South, St. Louis, Kansas City, All Japan, WWWF, to name a few. Either he had every promoter's ear or he was really, genuinely popular. One thing main eventing but in at least a third to half of them places he didnt draw as much as people think he did. And i already said he drew in the wwf/wwwf. And for the record am not calling him a bad worker. i just find it weird hes compared to true greats like funk. flair. sadly hogan. harley race, andre. Oh and a reason for hogans greatness was that he carried 2 different company's on his shoulders as the main star. Dusty couldnt of carried a terrority on his back without booking himself or having eddie graham doing it for him.
  6. chrislatimer

    workers who get called great but you disagree

    I never said he did not draw money and it is only my opinion about him I am not mentioning techicnical wrestling. i am mentioning the all around package. And about the crowd caring for him he did have that ability yes. Ah here comes the best point of all. Give me some examples of when he was truly on top when he was not booking or was not in the bookers ear. The only one that comes to my mind is his brief run in new york with billy graham. The thing was dusty booked dusty at the top its a fact he loves himself that god damn much. Am not knocking dusty's booking ability as he was and still is a genius when it comes to creating and booking wrestling related stuff. But his main flaw was that Dusty booked himself mega strong.
  7. chrislatimer

    Guys who you THOUGHT sucked

    Agreed. DiBiase is remembered so fondly because of how well he played the Million Dollar man gimmick. Off topic slightly a second i remember a story i heard that the million dollar man gimmick was meant for someone else but i can not ever remember who it was. History as shown it worked out will as dibiase played the role so well.
  8. chrislatimer

    workers who get called great but you disagree

    firstly i got banned of 3 forums for my love of the upper case so i dont do it any more. Now for dusty of course he can be compared to hogan its the advantage of history And i personally think shaking your fat ass in the ring and hitting a lot of elbows does not make you great. Theres been better then dusty at getting the crowd involved in a match and they are not considered in his league.
  9. chrislatimer

    they would never of worked as a heel/face

    The WCW announcers definitely acted like it was a heel turn. Sting hit Hogan with a baseball bat to win the WCW title at Fall Brawl 1999, and the announcers were all flipping out about how Sting had just betrayed us all and blah blah. IIRC, Sting hit Hogan, and probably got the pop of the night. The WCW faithful would never boo sting. Sting WAS WCW, and was there to defend them from the nWo. You probably couldnt make the fans at the time boo sting. Even now in the Main Event Mafia, he and Nash are outpopping most of the faces. Nash even got cheered like crazy when he cheated to pin Joe at the live Impact last week. Ricky Morton as a heel is just plain wrong. No one, and I mean NO ONE can play "face in peril" during a tag match like him. I never bought that sting turn. and As for morton i will always say steamboat is the greatest babyface of all time. but ricky morton is a dam close second and should never of been a heel And for the people who think am nuts by calling ricky morton the 2nd greatest babyface ever i mean the ability to sell so well and make the comeback that the crowd adore you.
  10. chrislatimer

    Perry Saturn

    I personally was never that big on saturn as a worker (though i liked the eliminators in ecw). But that story about saving the woman is dam good and its such a great thing to do. I hope hes ok and safe. also if you want to see a wrestler show real guts go check out the wrestlepalozza 97 main event saturn drops a elbow of the top with a dam near broken leg. It was the most amazing thing i have ever seen in wrestling.
  11. Sort of a spinoff of other topics, but i am basing this topic on my view of dusty rhodes. Where did he get his repuation for being great from. i have saw a lot of his work and most of it bored me to tears. To me he will always be a fat poor mans hulk hogan. now whose some workers who get called great who your not so keen on.
  12. chrislatimer

    Guys who you THOUGHT sucked

    dibiase is one of the great workers of the buisness . but true hes not one of the all time greats. i just thought of a other guy i used to think sucked but really doesnt. ric martel. his awa matches where damn good.
  13. chrislatimer

    they would never of worked as a heel/face

    was the sting one a full fledged turn though. it seemed a bit confuzzled that whole thing.
  14. chrislatimer

    Guys who you THOUGHT sucked

    I agree with snuka i have never been a huge fan of his work. and i always ask people to name me great matches he had and they always use the muraco cage match or the backland one which where both nothing special. As for dibiase go check his work in mid south as a babyface. his matches with hogan where good . he got a good match out of the warrior. You need to look at how great a worker he was before he went to the wwf. And as for garvin hes the worst choice nwa heavyweight champion ever. and yes i include tommy rich in that. Garvin was the ultimate midcarder whose main thing was a stupid looking stomp
  15. I came up with this topic because i was watching a best of ricky steamboat dvd i have and to me he will always be the ultimate babyface. The man had such a ablity to sell and then when he made his comeback he used to be able to get all the live crowd behind him. (except in flair loved parts of the north) . And i was thinking he would of been the most unrealistic heel in the history of wrestling and that includes goldberg. So basically which wrestlers do you think would not of worked as a heel/face or did you really dislike any wrestlers turn e.g the orton 2004 face turn is a good example.