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  1. This is my first Column, where I look at things i like ONE: Manhattan Drop (Inverse Atom Drop0 This isa move where you wasitlock a dude and then pick him up droop him on balls/spiune on your knee. OUCH! This done by Hret Bart, Shawn Michaels, Mankind/FOley/Cacuts/Dude Love, and like every dude in every AKI game (No Mercy/Wrestlemania2000, WCW/NWO revenege) It is a good move because it looks damanging, and is easy to do. weak guys dom it like foley, hbk, so they can hit big guys with a move! and its a slam kinda, so they dont looka s weak. its like--hbk do this to batsita, maybe he can slam him? So it build uop well1! I like it when hart do it, siunce sharpshooter hurt the lower back, thios move would hurt that area (ass/back) so it make sense! This is a goode move, i like it when hart does it That was my first column~
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    OH NO

    oh no........ bad boi
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    WWE General Discussion-November 2008

    oh no cena is a bad boi i cant wait for him to fight linoheart lionheart = linoheart, damn these fings
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    the oh no thread

    who wants to wrestle me?
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    no i hate him i want to face a true bad boi
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    oh no bad boi who wants to fight in the squared circle
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    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    make me a powerbomb called oh no bad boi buster
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    From: WWE General Discussion-November 2008

    lol sepll = spell
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    From: WWE General Discussion-November 2008

    lolz = lol gosh i can't sepll
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    From: WWE General Discussion-November 2008

    i meant boi lolz
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    From: WWE General Discussion-November 2008

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    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    post match with 2 wrestler oh no and bad boi
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    My good friend died last night.

    Suicide is a sad thing, are you close with his parents/family? Let them know how important he was to you and to others and that he was special and loved, if you were. Also don't blame yourself, as suicide is brought on by depression and mental issues. Sadly, nothing you could have done would've probably helped, as the issues underneath the act needed counseling or therapy, and being a friend was important.
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    oh song

    oh no bad boi that my soong ohnobadboi that my jam
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    oh no

    oh no bad boi he said it not me
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    Pikachu > Kane

    fuk yea
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    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    If you ask me, Live are one of the greatest musical travesties of the 90's. "Lightning Crashes" is one of the worst songs ever. No live is good workout music. I have a workout mix with 10 songs it always DOES THE TRICK 1: Live: Dolphins Cry 2: Live: Selling the Drama 3: Pullde of Mud: She fu**ing hates me 4: KAne's theme 5: Triple's current theme 6: Prince: 1999 7: Rage Aganist Mcahines: Bulls 8: Triple's old theme (MY TIME) 9: KAen's theme again 10: The Evolution song (they were a WWE stable back in the day)
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    WWE General Discussion-November 2008

    KHAli is such a mackdad i love it, WWE is pusing boundaries, no other show has the BALLZ to show an indo-paki style person kissing fine white women lol lol. SUCK IT REPUBS, wwe is controversial, i am anti-=racism, and I personally love it! its good to show interratial love
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    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Look, LSOVakia, lol... i mean Czech, don't fuck wtih this dude, he is in the biz. Did you see what Kane did to Rey... torture him? What about what Eric Bischoff do to Linda, Kane do to Shjane and RVD, Bossman due to Big Show, Kane do to Vader, etc. etc. Also Kingus is from hicklands, I bet he knows how to throw fireball. watch yoself czech, i dont wanna see you hunted down and stab with fork and hbit with fireball :-(
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    Perry Saturn

    Maybe this is who Kane was really talking about. Sigh MAYBE KANE WOULD FUCKING BEAT SATUREN im tired of rey win every single singles match they have, KANE COME ON, Khali and Mark the Dark Herny beat REy, why cant u?
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    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    CUstomers WHO COME in and just dick the fuck aroiung and don't buy a shirt. OK u look at that shirt, you pcik it up, u stnad around for 15 min, you picjk it up again, but you DONT BUY IT. Come onnnnnnn i gotta hit my quota.
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    TNA Turning Point 2008...

    if Hall amnages to chokeslam Joe, I think Nash can take it.
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    youre the gimmick poster, I COME HERE FOR LOS OF SHIT you rpetend to be a movie charactyer double posts are on accident venks please i... just wanna be your frined :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Edited to say: DONTY gety mad please, i like u, i think u do good job as mod