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  1. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    YourKock's Really Great has lost it

    It's pretty funny that the one of the few Mods left is an ugly fucking midget who is too busy posting at the Real Tsm.
  2. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    Nobody gives a shit about Vick or Favre

  3. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    Ugliest Poster on TSM

    You Decide!
  4. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    TSM Death Pool -- 2009

    Fuck off you fat, bald and ugly fuck.
  5. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    2 month post

    Who the fuck watches TV and Movies anyway?
  6. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    Breaking News: The Tombstone is up

    Nobody gives a shit so it doesn't matter.
  7. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    From: ATTN: Wrestling Forum Posters

    Please POST HERE. This site is dead.
  8. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    Posters I hate the most

    1. Marvinisalunatic Fat ugly slob fuck who will never ever get laid. Idiot thought in 2006 that he contracted aids in 1986. 2. AlKeiper Nerdy ugly fuck who thinks that he is/was and always will be the know it alll of Baseball 3. Bob Barron Ugly Nerdy Jew who wastes his whole entire life beating off to Norm McDonald and watching SNL. I am suprised they let the ugly Jew stand on line outside NBC Studios 4. Zach Malibu Ugly fuck actually thought he was preppy and looked like Zach Morris. He is too busy beating off to a fat Kelly Clarkson to come on here. 5. Ripper Midget Black Kid thought he was hardcore because he was one of the 3 black people on here and he was from Atlanta. 6. Czech Cubs fans just suck period 7. Ravishing Rick Rudo Know it all ugly fuck. 8. Carnival Ugly white trash from Nebraska 9. Obi Chris Kenobi What fucking douche would put in a Star Wars name into his own. Get the fuck out of here you fucking cry baby. 10. Midget Matt Douche! End of story.
  9. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    Fuck All of You

    Who still hasn't gotten over his fat spanish ex gf.
  10. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    We like sports

    They remind me of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.
  11. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    TBK released

    He was doing so well last year and then gets depushed because he liked to smoke pot. BIG FUCKING DEAL. This guy is going to become a star now in TNA
  12. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Vince Carter to the Magic. Darko Milicic to the Knicks.
  13. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    To all of those who deserted this site

    Fuck Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bunch of traitors and assholes. One idiot posts I finally come back and it's a ghost town. GEE I WONDER WHY?? Maybe it's because a bunch of cunts took their ball and went home and cried. You guys aren't welcomed here or wanted.
  14. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    TSM Death Pool -- 2009

    Wow all the dead assholes who deserted this site and left it a fucking ghost town come back for a stupid contest.
  15. YourKock'sReallyGreat

    Michael Jackson

    Tmz.com is reporting that Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest this afternoon at his home in California.