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  1. For doing steroids. He is claming medication given to him by his doctor. I know that there is a baseball thread but nobody post in it and I wanted to create this thread so it would get some attention. People come on the site and look and see Baseball thread and go whatever. Dodgers have had a huge start going 13-0 at home and like 21-8 overall. This should have a huge impact on their young developing offense and team. He is going to be out until around July 4th.








    This is the greatest day in Yankee history since Aaron Boone hit the walkoff homer off of Wakefield in game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. Manny being Manny just tainted the 2004 and 2007 Red Sox World Series teams.

  2. Just want to post some ideas regarding the Yankees 13-14 start. Brian Cashman needs to be fired for this 200 million dollar mess. I cannot blame Girardi due to Nady, Bruney, A Rod, Posada all being injured and Wang being a head case. I will blame Cashman due to the Yankees having by far the worst Bullpen and Bench in all of Baseball. It's sad when the Nationals, Mariners, Reds, Pirates, Royals all have better talent in the pen on and on the bench.


    The Yankees with a 200 million dollar payroll are praying that the likes of Pena, Molina (the worst one of the 3), Cody Ransom, Brett Gardner, Angel Berroa can all fill in and help out. The bullpen has the likes of Jose VerASS, Phil Coke, Abaldejo etc all being run fairies. Whenever they come in a run is given up.


    It's even more frustrating when I have to watch the new $180 million dollar free agent pop out with the tying run sitting on 3rd base with 1 outs down by 1 in the 10th inning. I hope that this team can turn around with A Rod coming back but that still wont solve the bench and the lack of quality arms in the bullpen.

  3. I was just looking at her 21st bday photos and she seems to me to be a good fit for the WWE. I was wondering if Vince had ever offered her a job. She is pretty masculine like her father and kind of looks like her mother. I know that people think she is either pretty or trannie. Since her music career failed I think she should start training as a wrestler. Nick on the other hand is a lost cause. He is too small and far too much of a douche. I also do not think that he would ever take it seriously. I do think that people would pay money to see him get his ass kicked though. Kind of like in a K Fed kind of way.

  4. Matt it's called sarcasm. I thought No Holds Barred was for calling people out sarcastically. My problem at the time when I made this thread was I didn't think you were doing your job up to snuff. I was also trying to push for others who post all the time on this site and have been members since 2002 to get moved up to Moderating.



    What other problems am I having on here? I post a couple of times in the Sports, Video Games and sometimes in the WWE thread. I do not think that me posting about the UFC video game and me posting about the NBA/NHL Playoffs is me having problems on here. In fact I am trying almost by myself to keep the Sports thread alive.



    Matt, I am sorry you have taken offense. It wasn't anything personal. It was meant to be a joke.

  5. I hope the Hawks pull one out of their ass tonight too, not likely to happen but it sure would shake things up



    Wishful thinking. Cavs take a 1-0 lead.


    I wonder what Iverson thinks when he watches the Nuggets destroy the competition without him and with Billups. You know that they would have lost in 5,6 games tops in the first round if they hadn't made that trade. Plus if the Pistons had kept Billups they would have had the 6/7 seed and you would have given them a fighters chance against the Celtics and Magic. You could also make an argument that they would have gone to their 7th straight Eastern Conference Finals.

  6. Well it's damn if you do and damn if you dont with Bethesda. Alot of the perks could be game breaking and most of the people who are getting the dlc are die hards who go for for the perfect runs in terms of perks, specials and skills.

  7. Here is the lists of new Perks. People are complaining already.


    Lv. 22:

    Deep Sleep - Get the well rested bonus in any bed

    Puppies! - new Dogmeat everytime he dies

    Quantum Chemist - Every 10 Nuka colas you acquire are automatically converted into a Quantum


    Lv. 24

    Devils Highway - Karma is instantly set to Very Evil

    Escalator to Heaven - Karma to Very Good

    Karmic Rebalance - Karma to Neutral

    No Weakness - All SPECIAL stats less than 5 become 5


    Lv. 26

    Nerves of steel - Faster AP regen

    Rad tolerance - no effects from minor rad poisoning

    Warmonger - All custom weapon schematics added to your inventory


    Lv. 28

    Party Boy - No alcohol withdrawal

    Rad Absorption - Rad level decreases automatically over time


    Lv. 30

    Almost Perfect - All SPECIAL stats become 9 (Not sure if this will lower your 10's?)

    Nuclear Anamoly - At 20 HP or less you explode and do insane damage to everything around you, including your allies

  8. Really boring basketball today for the casual viewer. Hawks win in a blowout and Denver destroys Dallas in another blowout.



    2nd Round Matchups


    Cavs vs Hawks

    Celtics vs Magic


    Lakers vs Rockets

    Nuggets vs Mavs (1-0 Nuggets so far)

  9. Well congrats to the Celtics for winning a great first round series. I do not think they have it in them to take on the Magic or even the Cavs. Bulls shot themselves in the foot time and time and time again tonight. Horrible shot selection and a horrible offensive gameplan. Their whole gameplan was to dribble the ball for 20 seconds and then take a last second 3 point shot. The 2nd quarter killed them when they only scored 11 points. They did have their chances to win the game. They were down 3 points with like 5 minutes to go. Ben Gordon comes down with the ball and shoots a long 3 pointer with 20 seconds left on the shot clock. He ended up air balling the shot and the Celtics come right back down and score again.

  10. Strong first quarter for the Bulls as they lead 27-24.



    And the Bulls follow that up with an embarassing 2nd quarter. 11 points, poor shot selection, poor defense and a ton of missed free throws. I believe the score at the half is 52-38.