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  1. Magic evened up the series 2-2 agains the Sixers. Sixers were 10 points down with 5 minutes to go and made it a 3 point game. So far most of these series have been pretty good. Cavs swept the Pistons but that was expected. The Iverson/Billups trade changed around each franchise. One for the better and the other for the worst.

  2. You tip your cap and move on. Then you go into the corner and get over the feeling of being kicked in the balls. Yankees blowing the bases loaded with no outs and failing to score a run in the 8th or 9th came back to haunt them. The only positives that I can take from the game is that the Yankees should have won the game with their # 5 pitcher and a ton of injuries (Nady, Arod) against a full strength Boston team and their #2 starter.

  3. Caps force a game 6 at MSG by winning game 4-0. The Rangers looked horrible in every aspect. The game started off badly with the Caps scoring a shorthanded goal within 5 minutes of the start. It set the tone for the whole entire game.

  4. It's really depressing to see your team tied at 7-7 when they're out-hitting the opponent 15-6. Bases loaded, no outs, and by the end of it no runs. Craptastic.



    You can thank Melky for that one. Pitcher is struggling to throw strikes and Melky is swinging away and expanding the strike zone 3 feet. I want to like Melky and think that he is the next Bernie. When he has at bats like that it just makes me wish he would DFA. Girardi has to take some of the blame for leaving CC in so long. He should have taken him out after the 6th. He should have taken him out after the A's got a runner on base, he should have taken him out after the A's had two runners on base, he should have taken him out after the A's made it 7-6.