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  1. An all new style of video release from CLASH Wrestling featuring a full event recap music video highlighting 9/18 "Saved By The Bell" live event. Featuring Cameron Skyy vs. Rave Killbourn, Tyler Elkins vs. Austin Manix, Khameleon vs. Green Ranger, Dave Logan vs. GQ, & H3RD vs. Nightlife!
  2. Yo guys whats up, don't know if you all heard of CLASH Wrestling before, but they've been bustin' out shows in Michigan every other week since Jan 08 and have gotten quite a following...I figured i'd throw some of their videos in this thread.. & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N8BMaTMdGU so what you think...
  3. indyfan8

    The Youtube Thread

    Above is CLASH WRESTLING, the video is a short music video detailing 1/24 live event. SCOTTY 2 HOTTY made his return, also featuring CAMERON SKYY, JACK NIGHT, TOMMY TYDIE, DAVE MANZO, DRAGON KREED & more!