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    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    I've got part 2 of Spring Stampede, but no part 1. And I have no shorties, only 1 new thing in the Legends section, but the TV Classics is normal. Well, except for a Hanson 3:16 sign on the new Raw, but that's nothing to worry aboot...
  2. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Wanna be in a heavy metal band?

    My new band Corrup†ion is holding auditions for new members (actually, the first members)! It's heavy metal, in the AC/DC style, and needs 4 people. We need: A guitarist A bassist A drummer A vocalist And a part-time lyric writer. Whoever shows off their best skills will be in the band. And here are the songs from our first album, Haunting The Temple. 1. Amongst The Perverted 2. Mutilator of Nobility 3. Twisted Pit of Solace 4. Fallen Cathedral of Tears 5. Thief's Comfort 6. Legion of Atrocity 7. Slayer of Mercy 8. Innocent Annihilation 9. Pervert Your Ecstacy Thanks for reading!
  3. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Wrestling Link Game....

    who submitted at WrestleMania 20 to Chris Benoit
  4. Geez, did Mike Adamle crap in your Cheerios?
  5. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    That is most definitely Shieky baby!
  6. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Monday Night Wars

    I watched that episode last evening, and now I sorta have the song stuck in my head. And it's kinda funny how Mongo and Brain just sometimes ramble on about it. Never realized that the old Nitro shows took place in smaller buildings, compared to when WCW gained steam. And even when I was younger, I still thought it was stupid for WWE to kinda give a sneak peak at the following week's Raw, showing a match that hadn't even aired at the moment. Yes, that was stupid marketing. ...damn WCW for making such a catchy song! Wonderful... Wonderful...
  7. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Stand up if you like crap wrestlers

    (almost) whoever WrestleCrap inducts, I love. Bastian Booger = RATINGS
  8. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Monday Night Wars

    I need that Mr. Wonderful theme. It's too epic NOT to have!
  9. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Wanna be in a heavy metal band?

    Random heavy metal song generator.
  10. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    What if? Topics

    What if... Turner bought out WWF in 2001? ...well?
  11. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Unexpected bonus!

    So YOU'RE the reason why I have to be Dr. Death! ...anyways, what I learned is, Alter Bridge and Rev Theory are awesome.
  12. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    I can't believe nobody noticed Finlay and Hornswoggle coming out with Belfast Bruiser jackets!
  13. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Monday Night Wars

    This new episode of Nitro is actually very boring. In fact, I'd actually want to watch Kid Rock's performance at WM25 again! Plus, this week's RAW has been put up 23 times since 2004. All in the month of December. And now we got a fucking CHRISTMAS show on demand in APRIL! Seriously, what the fuck?
  14. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    It's time to lol wut at WWE Kids magazine!

    This one is so dumb, I probably don't even need to point it out to you!
  15. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Randy Orton on dating site?

    I was surfing the web, when I found this picture of a dating site. Look who's on it: Could Randy be cheating on his wife?
  16. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Randy Orton on dating site?

    Dude, that's not even a real website! It's one that Axe made up for pranks!
  17. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    WWE Encyclopedia

    Jameson. Kizarny?
  18. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Monday Night Wars

    Reminds me of TNA nowadays.
  19. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    WWF WrestleMania X-7 (4/1/01)

    It'll take Vince 9 or 10 years to figure this out, though. And by then, WWE TV will be rated G. Anyways... THIS.
  20. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Do you watch all the stuff?

    There's no possible way for ANYONE to watch all the programming.
  21. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Bash at the Beach 2000

    Why can't I edit my post? DIG IT!
  22. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Bash at the Beach 2000

    It went a whole 20 minutes OVER! Just like Jarrett in the first World title match... DIG IT!
  23. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    WWE Old School

    Man, I thought Graham was 67! SNAP INTO IT!
  24. Dr. Death Randy Savage

    Legends Programming

    Somebody put education in my Legends of Wrestling show! DIG IT!