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  1. Eugenius

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    YEah, the promos alone would make it good.
  2. Eugenius

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    If Raven is in any kind of wrestling shape, I wouldn't mind seeing the serious Sting/Raven program that we never got.
  3. Eugenius

    TNA Sacrifice

    Kiyoshi v. Red was pretty decent...Red seems to move really slow in between his high spots.
  4. Eugenius

    TNA Sacrifice

    YEah it must be a dish network thing...it's working now.
  5. Eugenius

    TNA Sacrifice

    For anyone watching the preshow....am I the only one not getting any audio?
  6. Eugenius

    TNA Impact 5/21/09

    The way Don West sold that Rocky angle had me laughing nonstop. That and Tenay's disgust of the whole thing.
  7. Eugenius

    TNA Impact 5/21/09

    Anyone else think that West was fucking pure gold during the Foley "Rocky" skit?
  8. Eugenius

    Who gave the Best/Worst promo

    Agree that Bret's promo's from 1996 and onward were great. There was just something real about the way he talked that made you think, this is how this guy would talk if what was going on was real.
  9. Eugenius

    Impact 4/23

    Yeah they should definitly drop Holliday and just name him "Jethro."
  10. Eugenius

    TNA Impact Spoilers for the Next 2 Weeks.

    During the Bear Money beatdown, West sounded pretty natural when he started talking about the rough cut segments and how Team 3D were always bragging about themselves.
  11. Eugenius

    TNA Impact Spoilers for the Next 2 Weeks.

    I actually thought that Don West was pretty good last night. He's favoring the heels but not being over the top with it. Tenay's gotta go though. What I'm really digging is this "who's side is he on" storyline with Jarrett. Vince Russo is doing a great job with this and this is the type of storyline that he's good at...it kind of reminds me of the Rock/Foley/Corporation story that lead up to Survivor Series 98 where they were planting all kinds of seeds for months and months and then the Rock heel turn came out of nowhere. I'm not saying that we'll see that type of a payoff with the Jarrett thing but that's the kind of vibe that I'm getting from it.
  12. Eugenius

    TNA Lockdown 2009

    TNA seems to be hitting on all cylinders right now. Here's a great build up video for Sting/Foley...
  13. Eugenius

    TNA Lockdown 2009

    Say what you want about what the match quality of Sting/Foley might be but I think the buildup has been great. Foley slowly morphing into the crazy Cactus Jack and his promos have been awesome and Sting's sitdown interview from last week was really good too.
  14. Eugenius

    2009 PPV Prediction Contest

    Daaaamn that sucks, I was really enjoying this. What would everyone think of keeping this thing going just for fun, minus the cash prize?
  15. Eugenius

    Passing a Urine Drug Test

    So I gotta take a piss test for a new job and I've been smoking weed pretty much every day for the last two years and don't really want to stop. Anyone know any good detox solutions or other creative ways to pass the piss test (excluding the infamous urine in a condom method)?