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    Greatest African American Wrestlers

    There was a wrestler back in the 50s and 60s named Sweet Daddy Siki. He was a quick, high flyer type (for those days) who often tag teamed with BoBo Brazil. He was quite good, and a pretty big star in several of the territories. He also was notable for doing a heel turn in an era when most wrestlers stayed pretty much face or heel throughout their careers. His turn was signaled by him suddenly appearing with blonde hair. I rarely watch WWE, but I did happen to have Raw on when Shelton Benjamin first showed up with the bleach job, and was quite amused to hear JR say that he was channeling Sweet Daddy Siki. Siki insisted that his hair was naturally blonde, and that he'd been dying it black all along to go along with other people's assumptions about black people. By my memory, he was a bigger star, and a better wrestler, than many of the folks on the list you've all been discussing.