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    Well talking to yourself can be fun... ...As long as you don't start answering yourself.
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    Ridiculous old school rumors

    The best romour that was fake but touted as real. Ric Flair is a 17 time World Champion. Bullshit of the highest order, actually he has being a promotions "World Champion" 22 times.
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    WWE 2009 Draft announced

    I hope they push Zeke now. He was held down by proxy, thanks to Kendrick's push vanishing. Now I can see if Zeke will sink or float on his own merits.
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    Tugboat vs Steamboat

    33 replies thus far? This fucking thread is 4 years old. Still its a good one so I don't care is was brought back. For the record I would love to see this match
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    A Top 5 Thread

    I tried something along these lines a few weeks ago and it sank like a stone. Except that I rate two wrestlers vs each other. http://forums.thesmartmarks.com/index.php?showtopic=94534
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    Covering Coverage

    About 5 seconds.
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    If TSM is dead

    I would rather read 100 posts by 100 retards if it meant I never had to read posts like this again. You are clearly the type of self important person you seem to hate so much.
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    Covering Coverage

    that was a quote from a man you said was fucking nuts
  9. zhangmeijie

    Covering Coverage

    It is not un-American for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion. The government works for me. I do not answer to them, they answer to me.
  10. zhangmeijie

    Red Dwarf Returns!

    Well as a huge fan sorry to say this new show(s) just isn't doing it for me. Too much CGI and not enough jokes. Still any new RD is welcome, even lesser shows like this.
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    What if? Topics

    It would have died by 1987, and WWF/E wouldn't exist now.
  12. zhangmeijie

    What if? Topics

    He makes it yes, as he was always heading that way. However it might have taking slightly longer as Vince seemed reluctant to give him that final last shove to the world title picture. Yeah I think it might have taking (up to) another year for it to happen. Thank god for Lita being a whore, Edge is a great addition to the main event scene.
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    My night

    I remember that film, it was good. In the end the homeless guy turned out to be an angel.
  14. zhangmeijie

    woah we got a bleeder here...

    Notable examples Steve Corino, everytime he bled in ECW, his blonde hair turned red and dripping. Jerry Lynn, see above. Steve Austin, Mania 13, the blood was absolutely GUSHING, perhaps the fact that he's bold did exaggerate the blood, but still, epic moment. Ric Flair, his match with Trips at (Cyber Sunday?) in a cage, Ric bled like no ones business... Well brutal IMO. Mick Foley as Cactus Jack, the epic picture of his blood strewn face with only his eyes and mustache viewable.. But honestly, the worst i've seen someone bleed that isn't in the indies, when people pretty much nearly die, is... Eddie Guerrero vs JBL. Eddie during that match, geez, the blood, I actually thought the match might be thrown out, and justifiably thrown out. Does anyone know if that was a legit cut he had from the chairshot or from a screw up on his part from blading?
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    Unexpected bonus!

    I've been meaning to put this up for a while now, since I joined actually, what unexpected things has pro-wrestling taught you that have nothing to actually do with wrestling itself? The reason I thought of this thread is because I learned to count to ten in Spanish because of Super Crazy in ECW, so I was wondering what, if anything, the rest of us have learned over the years.
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    The 'Unwritten' rules of WWE

    What do you think are the unwritten rules of WWE - past and present-? Here's what I've got: - No amount of offence will stop Hulk Hogan when he is Hulking Up. - Referee's are the weakest people in the world: once someone runs into one, their knocked out for 10 minutes. -security guards are on a similar level of weakness as referees, which is why it always takes more than 4 security guards to suppress one wrestler. -Wrestlers are not allowed to carry weapons that could actually kill the opponent i.e. knives, guns etc. regardless of how personal the feud is. Any weapons carried that could kill the opponent must not be used to the full effect of their power (i.e. how HHH's sledgehammer). -During a Hardcore match any weapon is acceptable (be it a paddle, watermelon or a cake). During ANY other match however, weapons can only be selected from under the ring. -He pays your wages, he looks after you when you get injured, but it's still alright to make fun of your boss and attack him. -in normal situations weapoons knock yo uout but in hardcore matches it wont. -if its a wrestlers finisher it will be devastating where as if a wrestler uses it as a normal move its averge affect. -if a heel jobber gets offence in on a higher rated wrestler it will be kicks when there down and sulplexs and countless pins. -If you piss off Triple H, make sure the week after you check under the ring for a sledgehammer. -If drinking beer with Stone Cold after a match, 9/10 times you will get a stunner. -If in a tag team match with DX, when Shawn Michaels hit you with Sweet Chin Music, you don’t go down, you turn around to be hit with the Pedigree. -If in a ladder match, take forever to get up there and reach for the belt even though your only on the second step. -If you are a giant, you will be World champion (Or at least a main event push) within a year of you debut (Undertaker, Kane, Big Show etc.) -Undertaker will win at Wrestlemania. (Except this year I am really not sure!) -At the old UK only PPVs (Insurextion, Rebellion etc) championships that matter will never change hands. -If you are related to anyone in else who is also a wrestler, YOU WILL END UP FUEDING. -Even the worst moves ever can get over as finishers (Hogan Legdrop, Peoples Elbow and The Worm.) -never... EVER... attempt to subdue an angry Samoan by headbutting them or attempting anything with their heads in general. They have the hardest heads on the planet and feel nothing.
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    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    Pussycat doll sucked. MITB to start.
  18. zhangmeijie

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    Yes it seems to be a fact. It's only going to be shown on the wrestlemania DVD. Pity I was looking forward to the match.
  19. zhangmeijie

    The OAO Wrestlemania Streams thread

    Really? I didnt know Justin did that. I always use them.
  20. zhangmeijie

    Kane, what can he do next?

    Nah only 80's midcarders are allowed.
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    Kane, what can he do next?

    First and for no reason other than I am bored a history lesson for those not familiar with the early career of Kane. The Seven lives of Glen Jacobs, & that is indeed an apt title as the big man now known as Kane has had more chances than most to make it in the big time. Here is the story of what came before Kane. Glen began life as ‘Doomsday’ in Puerto Rico back in 1994 & he spent his first year there. At the same time he spent some time on the US Indy scene & it was here Jim Cornette ‘discovered him’. February 1995 & rechristned Unabomb Glen made his Smokey Mountain Wrestling debut for Cornette. Thrown into a tag team with Al Snow they quickly won the tag gold from the past it team of Rock & Roll express. Tracy Smothers & Tony Anthony grabbed the gold back after 3 months. After several months of floundering around in mid card hell, which included a loss to The Undertaker at Superbowl of wrestling, Glen got a try out with WWE. Glen made his vignette debut in July of 1995 so when he had a loser leaves town match with Smothers & Anthony it was no surprise when he lost the match. (Incidentally only the loser left town so Snow stuck around.) What role had Jacobs got? What was his ticket to the big time? Isaac Yankeem Twisted dentist & madman who was supposedly working for Jerry ‘king’ Lawler. Ok so this was a set back but Glen could make something of this dull role right? Vinny Mac sure thought so he was pushed straight into a feud with the best, Bret Hart. The match took place at Summerslam 1995, & it stunk not even Hart could pull a good match out of Jacobs this early in his carer. Even Vince knew better than to continue this big man push. Vince McMahon was desperate during these times but even he was not that desperate. At Survivor Series the man who would play a big part in his future, The Undertaker, Eliminated him in an 8-man contest. That was that for Jacobs on PPV. In rapid succession Hart, Ahmed Johnson, Bob Holly & even Henry Godwinn pinned him in IYH & Raw dark matches. When he appeared on TV again in Sep 1996 it was with a new & improved role. This role would prove to be bitter sweet for our man however. Vince McMahon lost 2 main eventers in Scott Hall & Kevin Nash to WCW. Their characters Razor Ramon & Diesel had being way over so what did Vince do pretend they had never left. Glen was now ‘Diesel II & Rick Bogner was Razor II & were the fans ever insulted. Attempting with absolute no success to also turn Jim Ross heel as their manager of sorts they bombed. The fans did not give a rat's ass they knew a cheap imitation when they saw one. Still Vince was determined to make something of the situation. They appeared in an 8 man at the survivor series 1996 ppv bout that ended in one of those deeply annoying no finish situations when both teams got DQ'ed. At IYH it's time one month later the duo got a tag title shot & promptly were shown how to wrestle on route to being squashed by the late Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith. Come the Rumble & the push was stalling for ‘Hall’ who was quickly eliminated. Glen as Nash fared a little better & was one of the final 5 in the rumble Bret Hart ousted him. That was that Vince realised he had screwed up & sent them both packing to AAA in Mexico. Glen was once again Doomsday in AAA & also in USWA. It was here that he got his first H/W title winning the USWA belt. With two shockingly awful roles in the WWE he would never get another chance right? Wrong Vince McMahon never gives up on a man the size of Glen Jacobs. The Undertaker had become somewhat stale so Vinny Mac decided to introduce a brother for the deadman to feud with. Kane was to be this brother & Glen had just the right looks so the role was his. We all know what happened next Jacobs appeared in the first HIAC match & attacked Undertaker. The duo would feud & tem for the next 5 years. He also managed to bag a one-day title run by shockingly beating Austin in a first Blood match. I am not going to go into great detail aout the rest of his WWE career, everybody knows what happened next. Endless matches with undertaker, unmasking, Dull stuff with Snitskey yada yada. So let me instead get to the point of the thread, what next for Kane? I think maybe a face turn. The fans seemed ready to cheer him again as of late, last few weeks anyway so I think this could work. A move bask to SD and fresh fights with Face HHH or maybe Edge would also be a good thing. Maybe freshen up the character a little as well. Give him a new enterence or new music maybe. Anything really as he is stale as week old bread. If WWE don't want to go the face all the way at least still change something about his character. Make his gimmick slightly different. Maybe the angry giant who doesn't know his own strenght? Or possibly try some comedy. Kane has done comedy before and it was very funny. (remember the Rock and Hogan impressions?) Either way do something and do it quick before the little fan support he has left vanishes. __________________
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    TSM Moments that made you laugh and smile.

    If thats the case there must be a writer built in. I just never knew. There is no DVD burner though, that much I know as I can't burn DVD's.
  23. zhangmeijie

    Chris Jericho, I just don't know what to make of him

    Doesn't bother me, just makes me know I am as good a poster as any of them. It's a fear reaction, they don't want a newbie to look like they are as good a poster as them.
  24. Zzzz, sorry what. Oh that was just me going to sleep and waking up all of a sudden. Anything to do with Chris Jericho in ring does that to me these days. You see Raw was meant to get a shot in the arm with Jericho's return. It was all meant to be the best thing since sliced bread. The hype was "off the chart" but then what?* Then Chris returned and... ...well here is what I think of Jericho. *Actually it was good but not as good as some would have. This is what I think Chris Jericho: **** off back to your band or change your ways. Personally I am always in Two minds about Chris Jericho firstly I have no respect for the man (not the wrestler mind the real life man) I will explain why in a moment. That said I also (usually) enjoy his Promos, actually they can be fantastic. As his war of words with the legends shows. His matches though, he can’t go 2 matches with out blowing more spots than a Diva. His matche(s) with Jeff Hardy and JBL for example reminded me of why I dislike him. Jericho when he wants to be is one of the top 5 men in WWE he has had more than his fair share of 5 star feuds particularly with Chris Benoit, (Yeah I said his name) HBK & Christian. That said he is not (always) capable of carrying opponents who are not as good as him or who work styles who clash with him. As far as the former goes He couldn’t drag a good feud out of Sean Waltman, mind you few could at that period of Waltman‘s career. As for the latter his feuds with several people who clashed with him most notable being Kane & William Regal were very boring & seemed to drag on forever. When booked with the right opponent though as I said he is never less than highly entertaining. Now as for the main reason why I don’t respect him very much it’s really simple the man can’t take criticism & won’t except that his matches are not always ‘great’. Case in point he has on more than one occasion done a shoot interview on the fans, especially the internet fans when they are disappointed with one of his matches. In Jericho’s mind he never has an off night that is quite clear. Enough bashing though instead let’s explain what role I think Jericho should be playing in WWE today. It’s really rather simple the role he should be playing is the one he played at the end of his first WWE(f) run. Putting other main eventers over while staying at the bottom of the upper mid carders / lower main eventers. The reason I say that is because he is not really good enough to carry a show, true he is a superb talker & a good wrestler but he proved in his one title reign that he can’t carry a show nor it’s title. The IC title gained some much needed prestige under Jeff and to a lesser extent Umaga’s reigns a while back. (It is still not defended enough but is at least on champions who are entertaining. Yes including JBL.) I hope Jericho can continue this and keep up the good name of the Title. No doubt many people here will loudly & happily disagree with all or some of the above, but take a step back for a minute & think about what you are going to say when replying to this thread. “You suck, Jericho is cool.” that would be an atypical reply by some, it would also be pointless instead take my main points (Jericho is not main event material, Jericho is not capable of carrying a lesser wrestler, Jericho blows moves far too often & lastly Jericho is an egomaniac to be exact) & counter argue or agree with them in a logical way that’s all I ask of anybody who replies to this.
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    What if? Topics

    That except 5-12 weeks.