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  1. White Stripes Sabin

    The OaO Raw Thread for 4/27/09

    lol@Carlito coming out to no heat
  2. White Stripes Sabin

    TNA Impact Spoilers for the Next 2 Weeks.

    Great opening match to kick off the show and a great main event to finish it off. The Foley promo WAS FUCKING GOLD! Foley played a good roll of showing that he truly believes he is in complete control of the program. Him having the guys in the back play the intros to different wrestlers was just the cherry on the sundae. Good promos throughout and I think this is the first go home show TNA has done in a LONG TIME that actually helped the PPV. Oh yeah... and Balls sold those chair shots like a true champion. Beer Money Inc/Team 3D has been booking 101 and it has made BMI come off as TRUE STARS.
  3. White Stripes Sabin

    The Purpose of This?

    I am glad I missed that episode of Smackdown. I came across that footage some time ago online and STILL haven't been able to find anyone to put it into context. Its disgusting and TOTALLY doesn't fit their characters. The two most toughest and roughest men on Smackdown doing this? Why? What angle was this progressing? Do any of you remember this when it first happened? Thoughts? Feelings?
  4. White Stripes Sabin

    Squash Matches

    WWE should use indy guys for the jobber squash. I agree about TBP not being used anymore. I remember back on Smackdown in 2003-2004 whenever a new wrestler would debut they would run through the CW wrestlers and the go on to Bob Holly and then Billy Gunn, until finally getting into a real program. A system like this could work in today's WWE, but WWE mainly has ECW to weed out the stinkers and the stars.
  5. White Stripes Sabin

    WWE 2009 Draft announced

    !$^$#!! Smackdown was looking amazing. I was sitting with a stiffy looking at the roster! But no! NO! Vince had to kill it by putting CANDICE MICHELLE ON SMACKDOWN AND THE BRIAN KENDRICK ON RAW! Why? Why? Who did I wrong in my lifetime? Why does God hate me? Morrison and Ziggler are good picks, but CANDICE MICHELLE? I DON'T THINK I WILL BE ABLE TO GET OVER THIS? This is like the time I went out to dinner with my friends and I was left paying 60 dollars for a meal because everyone wanted to split the check. 60 dollars!? All I had was salad and ice tea! The bellas being drafted to Raw together is very interesting for the simple fact that it seems WWE views them as an item. They were hired into FCW at the same time and brought up to the main roster at the same time and now have been drafted to Raw together. I wonder if they will be released together? oh yeah and a side note. I don't know who is ribbing the fans, but the joke is over. I laughed for about 5 seconds, but the joke is over. or is it? Why is Ricky Ortiz on Smackdown?
  6. White Stripes Sabin

    Foley in ROH Part Deux

    When his contract expires do you guys see Foley going to ROH? I would like to see him go back. TNA is a joke and only now has gotten a tad serious but I doubt it will last long. With Flair as the ambassador and Foley in some sort of role (not as gm or commissioner or any of that other bullshit) I can see ROH being the most interesting promotion in 2009.
  7. White Stripes Sabin

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Was Mike Adamele character a shoot on Vince Russo?
  8. White Stripes Sabin

    WCW facts, tidbits, and stuff people forgot

    Yeah that was DEFINITELY not piped in. People were JACKED. EVERYONE was losing their damn minds in that arena. That match and the Luger match on Nitro are just two examples of wrestling done RIGHT. People can criticize it now all they want but when you a whole arena going nuts and not one person in their seat...that's huge.
  9. White Stripes Sabin

    TNA Lockdown 2009

    Hernandez used it and then lost (as you said) and either Cornette or Mick Foley (TNA has too many authority figures for me to remember) came out and cut a promo and said something about Hernandez putting up a hell of a fight and winning by DQ (or was he pinned?) and so Foley pretty much GAVE him a MITB opportunity anytime this year. So he carries the case around for people to remember that rather then Hernandez coming out and promo every week. Lockdown looks good. This is the first TNA PPV I have been excited about in a LONG time. TNA has been good for the last couple of weeks and it seems as though TNA post Destination X is a different company. I'm not sure what happened or if someone was fired, but its beautiful now. Everything on the card looks good with the exception of QOTC II. If I was TNA I would throw Bonaduce/Young on the main show, but I am sure it is something contractual that is keeping them from doing it that way. Foley/Sting is a mixed bag for me. This two can pull out the most surprising performance of this year (EVEN MORE SO THEN STEAMBOAT) or they can totally flop. I have no confidence in their wrestling ability or either man taking bumps, but I do have confidence that these two will tell one hell of a story in the ring and have psychology down to a science. This match isn't going to be about 'cool' moves or highspots. I think this match is going to be storytelling 101 and will be a match people will use as a reference to marks about what 'telling a good story in the ring' means. X match should be fun as should the IWGP Jr tag match. I wonder how NJPW feels about Hernandez competing for the title? TNA has made Beer Money come off as LEGIT CHAMPIONS. No jokes and the booking of the story has been SOLID. LL is always fun to watch and also announced for the card is Abyss/Morgan in a Doomsday Chamber of Blood match. Which is why I am still wondering why QOTC II is on the card and should be on canceled all together.
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  11. White Stripes Sabin


    The woman's match was interesting for 5 reasons: 1. One of the commentators referring to Gail Kim as a new comer to WWE. 2. One of the commentators pointing out that Maryse and Gail are having problems on Smackdown but have no problem teaming together 3. Layla being on the outside and hearing her ( I believe) yell "fuck you' to one of the women. 4. The 4 woman that can wrestler actually stepped foot in the ring. 5.This is the 3rd or 4th time I have seen Kelly Kelly in a multiple woman match on Raw and NOT step into the ring. That paycheck is easy.
  12. White Stripes Sabin

    Mt. Rushmore of wrestling

    Vince,Hogan,Flair,Austin. No love for the old days as 3 of these man brought wrestling to the GREATEST heights it has ever been. Vince surpassed The Goldust Trio,NWA,AWA, and his own father. He created what every wrestling company is now forced to do to an extent in order to become even more popular (look at AAA in Mexico). Those would be the guys on it hands down. If I could throw a 5th one up there it would probably be The Rock.
  13. White Stripes Sabin

    2009 Hall of Fame

    Wow! the biggest mark in that place tonight hands down was Victoria. She was the first one and for a few seconds the only one that stood during Lawler's entrance. She also wore a bright yellow dress I guess to standout. That midlife crisis.
  14. White Stripes Sabin

    The 'Unwritten' rules of WWE

    1.After a wrestler or group of wrestler win a match they will have a stare down with the losing side for an obscene amount of time while the losing side just makes angry faces yet NEVER gets out of the ring to do anything. Let me just comment on that really quick. I always hated when WWE did this (and they have been doing it for YEARS at this point) but what really pissed me off was doing a 6 woman tag match and Layla (on the losing side) walked right near one of the victors(while they were on the outside) and just rolled into the ring to lean on the ropes and make angry faces. Its not believable to me. There is no way (kayfabe) I would get pinned and then walk about 6 feet from someone on the opposing team without trying to take a swing, but instead get in the ring to show everyone how pissed off I am for losing. It just doesn't look tough and it doesn't look like the loser is that hungry for a win or for a fight. 2. An authority figure will try to put the screws to the top talent on their show and also try to pass of incompetence as stoic vision. 3. The women will be at each others throats one week but the next week the top heel and top face (who are feuding) will stand right next to each other with no altercation for the sake of 'their' brand.
  15. White Stripes Sabin

    The Purpose of the Security

    Goldberg had the security because the NWO attacked him one day (or a couple of times?) and so WCW wanted to protect their investment and champion (if not champion at the time, definitely their biggest star) from these gang style beat downs, so they had security escort him to the ring. It came off as a good idea then and even now when I watch old Goldberg footage, the entrance just looks intense.