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  1. nl5xsk1

    Friday The 13th (2009)

    If they started from the beginning, Jason wouldn't be the killer, his mother would be. So they're more or less combining parts 1 & 2 together for this one, I think, and just starting from there. Or something.
  2. nl5xsk1

    kkk Bowl VI: Signups

    I've got nothing but confidence in you, HQ ... treat the Patriots well.
  3. Are we voting on which is better (which we like more) or are we voting on which one is the definitive "internet darling comedy"? Because if it's the former, I'm voting The Office. And if it's the latter, I'm voting AD. I don't want to mis-vote, so ....................
  4. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    Apples to oranges, max. My argument against the Ward signing was that they re-upped him for 2 years. If he had a year left on his contract, I wouldn't have been averse to bringing him back ... my complaint was signing a guy that missed time due to injuries to a multi-year deal, knowing that he'd likely miss time in the coming seasons. Murray's under contract; I wouldn't even think of advocating that they re-sign him. And are you really going to use the "can't make plays without Savard or Krejci" as your argument? He'd undoubtedly be paired with one of them, so his inability to score away from them is irrelevant. Might as well add "stuggles to score when he doesn't have a stick or when the ice isn't frozen" to his 'cons' list. I'll agree that he had to go for financial reasons - the team just couldn't afford to keep him. But without him, I really wonder if this team can even match last year's offensive numbers, and last year's B's aren't going to get confused with the mid-80s Oilers any time soon. It seems that us fans are hanging all of our hopes on "if"s. If Krejci continues to play the way he did at the end of last year, if Kessel is as good as his potential would indicate (instead of just Samsonov v.2), if Bergeron can come back at the level he was pre-injury and remain healthy this year, if Soderberg decides to stay in the States, if Kobasew is actually the goal-scorer he was last year compared to the grinder he was in year's past, etc. The Wideman thing, I'll just admit defeat. I think it sucks that we endured a lock-out so the league could establish some financial structure, and then within just a few years unproven players are getting long, high-salaried contracts. We can only hope that he continues to improve and thus justifies the contract.
  5. nl5xsk1

    Big Brother 10

    Evidently "Bring something of relevance - instead of just a jaded, douchebag opinion - when you post" was left on the cutting room floor as well. Back on-topic: I hate the first few weeks of a season, where there's just too many people for the editors to really give us a good view of their characters or who to root for. Other than the blatantly unlikable - such as Jessie or Renny - or the ones that I like for aesthetic reasons - April & Keesha - I'm largely apathetic about every one.
  6. nl5xsk1

    Is it real or is it fake?

    RE: The snake. I'd say it's real but purposely misleading ... it's big, but not as big as the camerawork implies. There's nothing to really use as perspective for how big it really is, and thus the camera work can make it seem bigger than it really is. For a comparison, GIS "kimberly fishing" ... the snake in that looks huge, but it turns out that it's a pygmy cow (or whatever) that it's lifting and thus it's not as big as it looked at face value.
  7. nl5xsk1

    Big Brother 10

    Another quality post from The Czech Republic! Let's hear it for him, folks! Don't be a douche, Czech - you don't like something, don't go into the thread.
  8. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    Signing him isn't a bad thing; signing him to an almost $4m/year contract after one good year is a bad thing. He's a good offensive defensemen, but I'm hesitant to call him a good defensive defensemen. If he is indeed improving (e.g. improves off of what we saw last year) then I'd agree that it was a good signing. If he plays the same as he did last year - especially in his own end - I'll be unhappy with him getting a $4m/4year contract. RE: the bolded part ... I hate the 'well, that's how much players like him are getting paid' argument. Some GM's are throwing out 6, 8, 10 year contracts to players that don't deserve them. Some GM's are handing out NTC or NMC clauses like they're after dinner mints. Some GM's are making bad decisions ... I don't think other people's mistakes are good justification for making a move. And I think it's crazy to think that being paired with Chara wasn't a big part of Wideman's improvements. He sure looks better when he's paired with Chara then when he's paired with, well, anyone else. EDIT: His goal scoring left him? He scored 17 goals in only 63 games last year! While not Richard Trophy-worthy, it was respectable for a Bruins team that really struggled to score. I won't argue that he's injury prone - that's inarguable - and I'll even agree that he's not as prolific a goal scorer as he once was. But he had a better goals-per-game average than the people ahead of him on the B's scoring sheet & had one of the best scoring percentages on the team. To say that he's incapable of scoring goals is inaccurate. And while I agree that he's overpaid at this point for what he produced, what is the team going to benefit for moving him now? (other than getting under the cap, which they need to do once the Wideman signing is official - and I'd argue that there are other players that should be moved before Murray) It's too late to clear cap space to acquire a free agent and he's going into his last season under contract, so the urgency to move him has fizzled.
  9. nl5xsk1

    The Mike Levy Incident

    MySpaceTV still has the video. While I wouldn't be surprised if this was indeed a work, I really struggle to see what IWA-MS is getting out of this except for bad press. You can't argue "any press is good press" because most deathmatch fans already knew of their shenanigans, and people that hadn't seen them before are likely to be unimpressed with what they see.
  10. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    I'm not feeling the Wideman deal. While I recognize that both teams "gave something up" and thus it's - on paper - a fair signing (the B's overpaid for him, and Wideman gave up those UFA years) ... I just don't know if I'm certain that Wideman will continue to grow enough as a player to be a $4m/year dman. I'm ready to be wrong - and really hope that I am - but I saw a player that made more than his share of bad plays last year. Bad decisions with the puck, bad decisions defending the puck, and - most egregiously - a lot of misplays when just gathering the puck in his own end. I'm probably guilty of being hypercritical of him, and will certainly agree that he's better than Alberts, Ference or Hnidy ... but I hate to see Chiarelli overpay for a young defenseman just because other GM's are. Unless Wideman improves a lot of off last year (and I'm thinking more of him in the defensive end than his goal-scoring abilities) it's a bad signing. And, like max said, the Wideman signing is the nail in the coffin in Glen Murray's tenure in Boston. Yeah, he's injury prone ... but he's also the best goal scorer the team has/had. I don't know how excited I am with the top 6 without Murray in there, the team is going to need career years out of a lot of players to make up for Murray's loss.
  11. nl5xsk1

    kkk Bowl VI: Signups

    In, as the Patriots. But only because it gives me an excuse to PM with kkk. I <3 him so much.
  12. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    Ivy/Ivory ... you knew what I meant. Although I'm not quite sure how I typed in such a noticably incorrect word. I must be off my game, as I normally message board much better than that. And the ivy being dead is easily fixed:
  13. nl5xsk1

    This Week in Baseball 7/14 - 7/20

    Harley Quinn does not speak for all ESTers. Many, if not most, of us recognize that games are played in the most appropriate time zone for the home team. While it can lead to some unfortunate circumstances - e.g. ESTers staying up late to watch a game played in Cali or the PNW, or PSTers forced to miss part of a game that starts at 7:00 pm EST - it's a necessarily evil associated with living in the vast landmass most of us call home. USA, love it or leave it.
  14. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    Yes, Montreal has the ASG this season ... and the draft next summer, so they're getting plenty of attractions even without the Heritage Classic. I'm presuming, though, that most Habs fans would choose the outdoor game over either of the other two events. And I think the NHL is banking on the allure of Wrigley to compensate for any level of discomfort or unattractiveness associated with the location & weather. Plus it's not like Buffalo or Edmonton provided any real scenery above & beyond the ice on a football field. At least Wrigley will have the ivory & the scoreboard and ... uh ... a partial view of the L from the third base upper deck section. And you know Chicagoans, Czech - they'll be too drunk to notice the weather regardless.
  15. nl5xsk1

    This Week in Baseball 7/14 - 7/20

    I should preface this with admitting that I don't really think they should take it more seriously ... treating it like the meaningless exhibition game that all-star games are would be preferable for me. But having said that: They could impose some restrictions to ensure that a pitcher didn't over-exert himself. Maybe no more than 5 innings (or even 4) or no more than 60-75 pitches. Yes, it would still be less than a 'real' game, but it's insane to see a pitcher removed after one inning just so the manager can get 8 or 9 pitchers into one game. Another factor (and this is based off a conversation from the other board, so might be redundant to people that read both) is to have non-active managers manage the ASG. That way there wouldn't be any controversy of, say, Tito Francona trotting Wang out for 7 innings to tire him out and then Rivera for two even if he wasn't needed to close.